Monday 15 July 2024

Does Your Vehicle Need A Refresh? A Basic Car Restoration Can Do The Job

People often think of a vehicle restoration as fixing up an old car and making it appear like it did when it was new. To some extent, a basic car restoration from a car wash does the same thing with the vehicle that you drive every day. It isn’t about the major changes that you have to make but the subtle things that contribute to making your vehicle look run-down. These are some of the details that can be corrected during restoration to improve the looks and operation of your vehicle.

Does Your Vehicle Need A Refresh? A Basic Car Restoration Can Do The Job

Decals and Stickers:

No matter how funny you thought that bumper sticker was two years ago or how enthused you were to get your candidate elected, once you are ready for the bumper sticker to go, you don’t want to leave behind a bunch of adhesive that will do nothing but collect dirt. The same is true labels and decals that you have put on any area of your vehicle only to find that removing them is next to impossible. @the Car Wash offers adhesives & decal removal as an additional option to their basic car restoration services so you can get rid of the adhesive without damaging the surface below.

Dirty Engines:

It doesn’t take a mechanic to figure out that engines get dirty with built-up grease and grime. Cleaning the engine makes it look better if you want to sell your vehicle. It also makes it run a little cooler. There is also the risk of fire and the grease can damage rubber hoses and plastic parts.

Dim Headlights:

If you drive at night and have noticed your headlights growing dimmer, it is probably from residue that has collected on them, blocking the amount of light they emit. Headlight restoration is an important part of basic car restoration that makes driving safer for you and other drivers.

New Scratches: 

No matter how careful you are, your car is bound to get scratches from time to time. Brushing against limbs, bumping into grocery carts, or the kids riding their bikes nearby can result in minor scratches that mar the surface. High speed buffing can be used to correct scratches, blemishes, or oxidation in the clear coat and create a smooth, even coat.


Chrome is a great material for adding details to cars until it begins to get dull and lose its luster. The same techniques used to clean and wax the painted surfaces of the car don’t have the same response when used on chrome. Polishing the metal will restore its shine and help protect the finish.

While there are limits to the results you can get from basic car restoration services, the services you add to your vehicle’s maintenance can help to keep your vehicle from aging prematurely. Minor problems that are left unaddressed have a way of growing more severe, resulting in the need for more intense repairs including a new paint job. The basic car restoration services you use today could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.