Friday 14 June 2024

Door Options For The Back Of Your Home

Thanks to technological innovations, you have more than two choices for doors leading to your patio area or garden. A few years ago, the only choices were either sliding glass doors, or French doors that opened up to allow fresh air into your home or to access the back of your house. Now, there are more choices, including those listed below.

Sliding Door Selections

Sliding glass doors are still a popular option for accessing your back yard, the garden or the patio area of your home. While they are still made with aluminium frames, they are also made from composite materials that are often more durable. Along with the traditional sliding doors, some companies also offer folding sliding doors.

Folding Sliding Doors

A folding sliding door can be installed to replace a regular sliding door or as a new feature to your home. These doors fit into a frame, and when you open them, they fold together as you slide them open. This allows more sunlight into your home. Or you can open the doors to let in a cool breeze. You can even expand the doorway of the old sliding glass door to create a glass wall that can open up to the back of your house.

You can order folding sliding doors with timber or aluminium frames to match the exterior of your home. The aluminium frames are not just bare aluminium; instead, you can order them in several colours to best suit your needs. Both types of frames can be fitted with additional locks to provide better security for your home.

Bi-Fold Doors

Many door manufacturers also offer bi-fold doors that can be fitted to access the back of your home. You can also use them in the interior of your house to connect to another room. Bi-folding doors can be customised to any size and create a glass wall that looks out over your garden or patio area. You can open the doors to allow a breeze into your home and to create more space when you invite friends and family over for dinner or to celebrate a special event.

Interior bi-fold doors are a good way to close off a space when you need more privacy, or open it to create a more inviting space. You can create an entertainment area that can be closed off when your children need to concentrate on their homework. Bi-fold doors are available with timber or aluminium frames to help match your interior or exterior décor.

French Doors

French doors offer a classic traditional look that has been updated to include a variety of frames. Along with timber, you can also buy French doors with aluminium or composite frames for a more durable, modern appearance.

All these door styles come with single, double or triple glazing options to help reduce energy loss, which can help maintain a consistent temperature in your home. They can help improve your indoor lighting and create a fabulous glass feature wall.