Monday 20 May 2024

Drain and Plumbing: Everything You Need To Know About Clogged Drains and Cleaning Out A Drain

If someone asks you about drain and plumbing and you draw a blank, fear not. Most new Canadian homeowners have the same horror stories in their minds when they move into their new property: what will they do if something goes awry with the arteries of their home? So when should you call a plumbing company? What “first aids” can you give your home at the first sign of blockage, and what kinds of plumbing services will you need should you decide you can no longer fix things on your own?

How to know a single fixture drain blockage when you see one

Most homeowners would wish for this plumbing problem to be theirs because this is the simplest. Usually, you know a backwash is just a single fixture drain blockage when you know you have recently just dropped an item into a sink drain, or you know you have missed out on straining items which could build up at the bottom of your shower area like hair and soap suds. The solution is usually very simple. For bigger items, you can use either a plunger to suck the item back up, or an auger to push it all the way out the sewer. These are simple enough methods but are by far not pleasant. This is why even for these simple steps; most homeowners would rather pay a Toronto plumbing company to do the job.

You can also try the baking soda and hot water method. Baking soda is that magic powder that amazingly cleans out buildup in your pipes. If you want to test the effectiveness of baking soda and hot water, try it on heavily tarnished silver. Imagine that reaction happening within your home’s pipes. It’s sure to fix clogs caused by soap and mildew buildup, and it will even help to get rid of that sewer smell.

Multiple clogged drains

These simple, homemade solutions are easy enough, but when more than one pipeline is affected, then it is definitely time to call a plumbing Toronto company. This is because anything you do on your own, without the proper training and tools for the job, can just eventually make more damage to your home. You can end up pushing the blocked item with an auger all the way to a pipeline that’s even harder to access. You can also end up damaging your expensive ceramic fixture. It’s time to call a credible plumbing company when the problem started in your toilet, and you see that it is affecting the draining speed of your shower area. Some digging up may have to be done to remove the clog, if this is the case.

It is recommended for you to hire a plumbing company, however, that offers video recording of their search. With their newer tools, they can investigate plumbing problems in your home without digging through the ground and causing a big mess. A plumbing company with better technology might offer services at a higher price but will save you more in the long haul.

If you are in need of licensed plumbers whom you can entrust your home’s welfare to, call us today to solve your drain and plumbing nightmares.