Saturday 24 February 2024

Dynamic CRM For Sales Productivity

Microsoft has helped changing the sales environment and the way he handle the sales life cycle. With new and broad technological tools, is easier to do research and derive reports without even engaging the sales team at all, saving time to the manger and the sales team alike. The advancement and features of new Microsoft CRM for Sales productivity does all of these and yet again help in simplifying the sales process within its life cycle.

The Microsoft CRM for sales productivity suite is a combination of Microsoft Office 365 for Business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI package. Microsoft provides the CRM plan along with other services under Microsoft 365 subscription plan.

Microsoft 365 has all the tools and utilities to make the business need and solutions all collaborated under one package including exchange services, SharePoint services and skype for business. You can find out more on Microsoft product and its offering under Microsoft office 365 at

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a comprehensive combination of Microsoft 365 with CRM to make sure the integration of CRM with business marketing, sales team and Customer services. You can read more on Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Office 365 Dynamics.

Microsoft Power BI is a rich business intelligence tool helping you with making the best report generations and dashboards to aid the decision and analytics of any Business.

The Microsoft CRM for Sales Productivity Tools Iinclude:

  • Office 2016
  • Office 2016 includes Microsoft word, PowerPoint and excel in standalone or hosted over the cloud through SharePoint online services
  • Online conferencing
  • Online conferencing makes it a much easier to manage the platform with multiple integration with other business tools among employees and co workers which include video conferencing or online conferencing over meetings and discussions
  • Skype and messaging connectivity
  • Skype and messaging services in a SharePoint online services helps in making the business connectivity including calls and conferencing much easier on one platform with best integration of business services among sales personnel
  • Call Management
  • Call management may be a part of business tool where communication is seamlessly integrated with the SharePoint platform so that multiple useful business activity can be achieved.
  • PSTN Conferencing
  • PSTN conferencing is among the advanced communication tools to be integrated with CRM platform for better connectivity among sales people.
  • Email and calendar sharing
  • Email mailbox and calendar date sharing is another important feature of many integrated function in one platform of Microsoft dynamic CRM for usage among sales people for internal and external communication with co workers and clients in sharing dates and meeting schedules. Easy sharing of outlook calendars among clients and colleagues.
  • Analytics tools and intelligence
  • Analytics are important part of any sales team. With data and results needed for representation the intelligence with analytics is much sought for. There are now various Analytics tools which make the job easier in representing the data and charts.
  • Mobility
  • Mobility is the ability to use the product and services on the go. These services by Microsoft have an advantage of being mobile in the sense can be logged from anywhere and any place irrespective of users.
  • Highly advanced security
  • Security is important as our data being in the cloud, can be used by potential non recommended users or can fall in the hand of people not authorized to view the data. Also there are chances of data theft which is minimized by high security of the product. Microsoft provides the best security for its cloud hosted services as a package at no extra cost.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a best solution for handing sales and marketing team under one platform. Representation of data and reports can also be handled with much ease and the visuals graphs and chart are the very foundation of good service

The collaboration of services under Microsoft has become a boon for the cloud technology and the users of cloud. With many services and products launched under Microsoft office 365, and the benefits provided under different subscription plan is great news for the users and customers of Microsoft products. You can find more on different services at Office 365 CSP. For more information visit your nearest Microsoft center or service provider.