Monday 20 May 2024

Ear Infections In Children

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Usually, unless you are extremely tuned to your child’s needs, it is difficult to decipher what children are feeling. Especially so when they are sick; it also becomes almost impossible to identify the source cause. Parents have to be careful when trying to figure out whether or not their child is sick by exploring the symptoms. As a parent, you will need to be aware and educated, as it is difficult for babies and toddlers to clearly express their problems. It becomes your duty to understand their pain and feelings by educating yourself about diseases to children and their symptoms. Only then care you really understand what your child is going through. When it comes to ear infections and problems relating to the nose and throat, it is best to learn about the symptoms first, then act accordingly.

Ear Infections In Children

Identifying Ear Infections

By observing your baby carefully, you will learn their habits, which will give you insight to their needs and problems.

  • Vomiting: To check for ear infection, see whether your baby is vomiting or not – stomach infections aren’t the only cause for vomiting.
  • Odd fluid: If you see a whitish or yellowish fluid coming out of your child’s ear, there is surely something wrong. In such a case, take your baby to a pediatric ENT specialist in Mumbai at the soonest possible. Also, if you observe that this whitish/yellowish fluid is foul smelling, you can be sure of ear infection.
  • Irritation: In case your baby seems to be irritated when lying down, check their ear immediately. Irritation when lying down is a common symptom of ear infection.
  • Change in Behaviour: Another symptom to look out for is a change in behavior – if your child starts crying a lot more than usual, it is possible that they have ear infection.
  • Ignoring Sounds: A very clear symptom of ear infection is when your baby starts ignoring familiar sounds, even if the sound is being made nearby. This can be quite serious, so in the case that you notice this, take your baby to apediatric specialist immediately.

How To Prevent Ear Infections In Children

Certain methods can help prevent ear infection in children, and we all know the prevention is better than cure. You must always see the best child specialist in Mumbai if any problem or infection arises.

  • Continue only breastfeeding your baby till the age of 6 months. It protects your child from any disease or disorders that babies are usually susceptible to.
  • Keep your baby away from cold.
  • Don’t let a runny nose or dry cough be untreated, and hence, lead to ear infections.
  • Do not ever smoke in front of your child. The tobacco particles in smoke can harm your baby’s inner ear and lead to infections.
  • Give your baby healthy fruits and vegetables every day, especially seasonal ones, as they can prevent air borne diseases such as the common cold.

If you follow these steps regularly, you can be positive about your baby’s health and prevent ear infections.