Tuesday 23 April 2024

Easy Tips To Care For Sterling Silver Ring

A sterling silver is an alloy of copper and silver while the former largely constitutes more than ninety percent share the latter constitutes less than 10 percent share in a sterilized silver. Silver jewellery is widely accepted and acknowledged as a suitable material for jewellery. However, the vast quantity of silver being used as a jewellery material has also highlighted its infallibility. This article discusses the methods and preventive care tips that will help you in maintaining your sterling silver ring.

Corrosion and Tarnishing take place when silver makes contact with various chemical but in household activities regular contact with water and oxygen causes corrosion. It will be effective if you remove your ring while performing the household task or taking a bath. But a sheer exaggeration of previous advice may increase the process. To explain further, not wearing your sterling silver ring may increase the rate of the corrosion process. Yes, that is true because when you wear the ring more often the oil from your skin maintains the shine of the silver.

As air comprises sufficient amount of oxygen keeping your ring in open after using it harms its shine. Also to store it in a jewelry box would increase the chances of it engaging in reaction with other jewellery items. Moreover keeping multiple jewellery items in a single box can easily give scratches to your elegant ring. Make sure that when you keep it in a box the humidity shall be low inside the box.You can put materials in the storage box which can easily control the tarnishing process and the humidity level.

Taking your ring to the professional silver cleaner could help you in maintaining the originality of the ring. But please make sure that the professional cleaner have all the necessary equipment and expertise in performing the task.However taking your ring to the professional cleaner would cost you high. To save money you can purchase commercial silver cleaner kit, this can work only when you use that commercial cleaner in an informed manner.

The other way out to maintain the shine and other merits of your ring is to use several homemade silver cleaners. Soap, water, Baking soda, salt, aluminum foil, and boiling water,  olive oil and lemon juice are contents by which you can create different types of silver cleaner. But their success or failure in maintaining your rings essential qualities are suspected as these homemade methods are more about the correct way of using them instead merely using them to save money.

With given information, you would be able to continue your admiration for the sterling silver ring. The lifespan of your ring will depend on how often you follow the tips mentioned above and preventive measures.