Thursday 20 June 2024

Educational Technology: 4 New Programs To Take Advantage Of

Educational Technology: 4 New Programs To Take Advantage Of

Needless to say, education has come a long way in the past several decades. From the teacher using only a blackboard and chalk, today’s students now use computers and other technology that seem as if they came straight out of a sci-fi novel. Yet as technology continues to advance, even more innovative types of technology are making their way into the lives of students. To learn about what’s available today, here are four new programs students will be taking advantage of in the coming years.

Virtual Reality Classrooms

Used in many of today’s top industries, virtual reality is now entering the classroom. From elementary schools to the nation’s top medical schools, virtual reality headsets are making the impossible become reality. For example, medical students can now use VR to perform simulated operations on patients, and young students in primary schools can don VR headsets and visit any nation in the world, experiencing cultures and adventures of a lifetime from their desk.

Gamification Programs

Since kids spend plenty of their free time playing video games, it’s no wonder the technology is now being used more and more in the classroom. Because of this, educational technology developers and teachers are teaming up to come up with gamification programs that can be used to teach a variety of skills and subjects. Used extensively in math and science, students can now learn algebra, biology, chemistry, and other subjects while using programs very similar to what they would see on a PlayStation.

Online Homeschooling

As more and more parents become dissatisfied with the quality of public schools, opinions have changed. With concerns about bullying or school violence, or perhaps find they and their children moving frequently due to professional or military obligations.  Online homeschooling has become a very popular option. Offering all the benefits of traditional classroom learning from home, these programs are great for children who may feel more relaxed and confident learning in a familiar setting. Available for K-12 homeschool students, they are assigned an online advisor. They can choose from hundreds of courses, receive immediate feedback from teachers, and in some cases have the option of taking textbook courses if they find they want a break from online courses. Deemed an excellent way to help students prepare for college while also learning the importance of being self-motivated and well-organized, online homeschooling is expected to increase in usage even more as people become more mobile and comfortable with online schooling.

Coding and Programming

Deemed to be one of the most important skills today’s students will need to compete in the workforce of tomorrow, more schools are now incorporating coding and programming classes into their curriculum. In fact, many of these courses are now offered in primary schools, where first and second-grade students are learning how to write code and programs for a variety of tasks. Combining this area of learning with gamification programs, students often have assignments allowing them to write code for math and science programs, allowing them to learn everything from addition and subtraction to the most complex scientific data.

Along with other types of educational technology, it’s clear these four programs are poised to make learning an entirely new experience for students around the world. From having young children learning to write complex computer programs to having high school students use virtual reality to dissect a frog in biology class, these and other techniques will become commonplace in the years ahead. Therefore, it’s imperative for students and parents alike to prepare for these changes. Whether that involves upgrading computer hardware and software at home or choosing the best online homeschooling experience, the results can be outstanding in the years to come.