Saturday 02 March 2024

Effective Deals That A Cash Property Buyer Can Provide You For Your House

If you want to sell your house or any other property, you have to make a choice between approaching an estate agent for great deal and selling it to cash property buyer. If you don’t need prompt cash, you can think about selling it through an estate agent who generally takes about 3 months to a year for the entire process.

However, if you need to sell out your home quickly as you are shifting abroad or you require immediate cash for meeting your current financial needs and are ready for getting a bit less than what a real estate agent may offer you, then you must sell it through a cash property buyer.

Reason of Selling Your Home to Cash Property Buyer

  • Fast Release of Cash

If you have instant cash requirement, then you must sell out your house or property to a cash property buyer. It will buy your property in less than a week and you can have instant cash for meeting your financial requirements.

For this purpose, a property valuation will be arranged by the buyer and a proposal will be sent to you within 24 hours. After that, contracts will be discussed within a week’s time, unless you need more time.

You can check for offers and discounts provided by various cash property buyers and can choose the best one accordingly. For instance, you can sell your house here

  • Fixed Price

The advantage of selling your house to cash property buyer is that it will be sold at a predetermined price which ensures you receiving the offered amount, in contrast to a chain where potential buyers try to drop the price.

Additionally, here, you get a final offer after free property valuation and you can easily move away with full amount within a week.

In some cases, cash property buyers give better net result than what you get in deal with estate agent. Additionally, there are few incidents of down valuation.

  • No Chain House Sale

If you sell your property for cash, there is no involvement of chain. Hence, you are not required to wait for the buyer to auction his house; you can sell your home instantly.

It just takes one person to back out and whole chain gets broken, and then you need to start the process of sequential viewings again. If you sell your home to a cash property buyer, these hindrances can be avoided.

  • Less fee

Fee of real estate agents differ from one contract to another, however, generally it’s around 1-3% of the contract price. In contrast, in case of a cash property buyer there are no additional charges involved i.e. estate agency fee, valuation costs and legal fees. Additionally, you get full amount in cash unless there are any penalties, mortgages or secured on your house.


Henceforth, the final choice resides with you that which option you want to choose i.e. inflated valuations in a year or prompt cash within a week. However, ensure that before you finalize anything you compare prices offered by various cash property buyers and decide, accordingly.