Monday 15 July 2024

Electric Car Tyres: The Future

Electric Car Tyres

Although electric cars are not a new thing, and the technology is inherently nothing new, but what about the tyres they use? With electric cars it is possible to drastically reduce our carbon footprint, and we must also think about the other aspects that the car will use, and this includes not only the tyres.

With a revolutionary engine, it is not enough to have regular tyres but we will need that is something equally revolutionary and environment friendly. Not only that, but as technology develops, we will be able to use other renewable materials to make them. But as things are right now, it is only possible to alter a few aspects of the tyre to make it more electric car friendly.

Time to Adapt

As the technology to produce better tyres is still not the best option, for now, tyre manufacturers try to compensate by altering the shape: making them larger and narrower. The main idea behind this is to reduce the resistance of the tyres to make it possible to drive electric cars, and some manufacturers are already working on better solutions.


Moreover, we need to take into consideration that the battery and how much power it can output will impact not stability but also what tyres should be like and how they will handle on the road with the new electric engines.

Tyre Industry

All in all, the electric car tyres are still in the prototype phase, but soon enough, the industry will make the necessary changes required to make electric cars not only a sci-fi alternate reality rather a real reality. Rest assured that by changing over to the electric car, the tyres, as the most essential component of a car, are only the first step.

There will be many aspects changing in the car industry, but car tyre manufacturers need to be prepared for the incoming wave of changes, because if they can design the perfect electric car tyre, then everything will change.

Make the Impossible

The future of tyres is not known clearly, but for now it is believed that material and shape will be soon changed by functionality. Regular tyres will not be used only as a means to make your car roll on the road, instead some speculate that the tyres will be able to charge the batteries as you drive. This will also depend on the road infrastructure as well, but not so far from now, it will be possible to create perfect roads with tyres that will make every journey a pleasant ride.

Moreover, it will not only be a question of material, but also how the tyres will behave on the road, and how much electricity you will have to spend on getting your car to roll around the street. Also, it will mean that electric car tyres will be more durable and that you will not need to buy new tyres as frequently as you did before.