Friday 21 June 2024

Electronic Dreams: 4 Ways Technology Assists Us

Electronic Dreams 4 Ways Technology Assists Us

If someone from fifty years ago could see the gadgets we use today, they would think we live in a technological wonderland. While many important advances seem totally natural, here are four important ways technology helps us.

Staying on Schedule

Digital calendars and scheduling software have revolutionized personal and business organization and collaboration. In business, coordinating teams and managing assignments is often the most critical element of project success.  This makes tools that simplify processes and increase efficiency incredibly popular. Apps like Trello, Slack, and GCal (Google Calendar) increase productivity and profits. Businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from time management technology. Busy parents, overwhelmed students, and multi-tasking freelancers all can use these tools to manage their personal lives as well.

Staying Healthy

Tech advances don’t just provide us with information on the rest of the world, they can also provide a lot of information about ourselves. For people looking at new ways to take control of their health, smart watches are a great option. Getting a discount with a garmin coupon, can help save money on these kinds of devices. The convenient design of a watch allows users to be constantly monitoring physical health through metrics like their activity levels, their blood pressure, sleep quality, and their heart rate without any discomfort.  Because it’s on the wrist, there is also a lower likelihood of forgetting the device, compared to a clip-on pedometer or even a smartphone.

Staying in Touch

Advances in telecommunication technology enhance the usefulness of organizing tech solutions, by making it easy to communicate globally and in new ways. The popularity of FaceTime and Skype is a result of video calling’s ability to replicate face-to-face conversations. Humans are drawn to new ways to keep in touch even as the world becomes more globalized and the people we love become more and more dispersed. While moving across the country might have meant only receiving a few letters per year a hundred years ago, it’s possible to have real-time conversations multiple times a day now.  This is due to the widespread adoption of internet and mobile communication technologies.

Staying Informed

These internet and mobile technologies also make it possible for us to have constant access to a world of information. Resources like Wikipedia and the Gutenberg Project give everyone access to a treasure trove of human knowledge. Digital solutions to challenges of accessible education, cultural preservation, and journalistic investigation are continually being created and tested. With so much information available, it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date on political, social, and technological news.