Wednesday 22 May 2024

Essential Factors to Consider Before Building an Indoor Pool

It is excellent to own an outdoor swimming pool, but building an enclosed one gives you more advantages. You can get a sense of security and privacy with home indoor pools. Moreover, they allow you to spend more time playing in the water than cleaning it. Since the structure will be enclosed, broken branches, fallen leaves, and dirt won’t contaminate the water.

An indoor pool undeniably offers unique advantages, making it popular for houses and residential complexes. It is the ideal spot for throwing luxurious parties at any time of the year. Some people even go as far as building pools that can rival waterpark structures.

We understand many people have been seriously thinking about getting one. However, before you start your projects, there are some things you need to consider first. Remember that having an indoor pool is a huge investment. Usually, pool building costs range between $35,823 to $100,000. After all, you will need to hire contractors with expertise in this field. Keep in mind that you must also make provisions for proper water flow, ventilation, and maintenance.

The pool building costs make up a fraction of the items you need to evaluate. For one, you need to ensure that you have the right utilities and space to construct a pool that will last for a long time. Now, what are the essential factors you need to consider before building your indoor pool?

The Pool’s Size, Shape, and Placement

Of course, your biggest concern is the cost of an indoor pool. Well, if you want to get a reasonable estimate, you need to start with the basics, including the size, shape, and placement of the pool. The material you use for the pool will depend on its size and shape. Aside from that, you need to ensure that you already have the space for building your indoor swimming pool. It is worth noting that the possibility of building a new structure will affect the cost of an indoor pool.

The available space will determine the size and shape of the pool. Would the area in your property suffice? Don’t forget to make room for the equipment and amenities! Aside from that, you need to ensure that you make the facilities accessible for cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

The Pool Building Costs

Your biggest concern in building an indoor pool is the expenses. Here are the significant items that affect the cost of an indoor pool:

The Pool

Regular home indoor pools usually have dimensions of 8’x15’. The room holding the pool should be at least 11’x18’. The initial cost of building a pool like this will range from $20,000 to $100,000. With that budget, you can already have a depth of 3 feet. However, you are still free to customize the depth to 7 feet.

The Surroundings of the Pool

The pool’s surroundings will take the biggest chunk of your budget. If you do not have the appropriately sized basement, garage, or sunroom, you will need to construct an entire wing to accommodate the pool. On the other hand, there is a more affordable solution. You can have the pool outdoors and build a retractable pool enclosure on the deck. It is easy to find pool enclosures with excellent quality. Usually, they will cost around $50 to $110 per square foot. So, a standard enclosure will cost approximately $40,000 to $100,000. Of course, you should also take into account the fact that you’ll pay about $80 per hour for the plumbing requirements and around $85 per hour for the electrical work.

The Water

Cold water swimming can boost your immune system and provide you with various health benefits. However, you should not forget that some people swim for fun and not just for their health. So, it is essential that you keep the water in your pool comfortably warm. Indoor pool heating is another factor that affects the overall costs of the structure.

If you want a cost-effective alternative to heating the water, consider installing a solar heating system. It may not have the capacity to supply warm water to the entire house, but it can keep your pool heated year-round.

Other Items That Will Affect the Indoor Pool Costs

If you want to avoid costly repairs in the future, you should install various items that will keep your pool functional and appealing.

Vapor Barrier

If the room accommodating the pool has walls common to the rest of your house, you might want to consider installing a vapor barrier. Your contractor may advise you to get rid of the sheetrock and re-finish the area. While this may seem like a tedious, additional task, it can prevent moisture, mold, and mildew from growing in your house.

Dehumidifying System

One of the biggest enemies of indoor pool owners is humidity. If you’re going to use an existing room to construct the pool, the problem may become even more significant. So, it is crucial that you have a dehumidifying system in place. Regular models usually cost around $15,000 and up.

Security System

In general, building codes require homeowners to have locked doors between the swimming pool area and the house. However, it would also be a good idea to invest in a door alarm system. This additional feature will cost you around $600. Meanwhile, if you want to prevent young kids from accidentally falling into the water, you should consider installing a retractable pool cover.

Retractable Pool Enclosure – The Cost-Effective Solution

Indeed, it is easier to manage every detail in your indoor pool. You would not have to worry about what Mother Nature sends your way because your pool will stay safe and clean. On the other hand, if you want to maximize the benefits of your pool, you should consider building a retractable pool enclosure instead.

With a pool enclosure, there would be no need to remodel an existing room or build an entirely new structure. You can mount the enclosure on the deck surrounding your outdoor pool. What’s more, if you want to get a good tan, you can draw the enclosure in. You can have an indoor and outdoor pool in one! All you need to do is find a trusted contractor for your retractable pool enclosure to get the best value for your money.