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Essentials For Preparing A Manual For Your Tenants

Essentials For Preparing A Manual For Your Tenants

One of the crucial aspects of being a successful landlord is enabling your tenants to feel like at home. It is not easy living in a place where you do not know how to use all the appliances, or have trouble finding a local grocery store. A detailed property manual for tenants makes their lives much easier and helps them get over the tough transitional period.

Landlords who show appreciation can expect the same treatment from the tenants, so it is a win-win scenario. Positive experience could mean years of mutual understanding and cooperation, enabling landlords to reap all the rewards without problems. It costs only some time to ensure this, so there are no excuses.

You shall (not) pass

Essentials For Preparing A Manual For Your Tenants

The content of the manual varies depending on the property and its location, but there are some items that deserve a place on every list. Aside from the personal welcome note, the first thing to put in the manual is information which tenants might need upon arrival. This includes instructions about any burning issues, security deposits and keys for storage units, garages and other areas. Do not forget to disclose details about garage door remotes, special passcodes, gates etc. People living in your place must be able to get around without any problems and difficulties. While at it, define your own right of entry, which often involves a 24 hours’ notice.

For some people, major appliances and electronics might be self-explanatory, but remember how extensive their instructions are. It is easy to prepare copies of those instructions, and there is no need to waste time writing them down. Tenants should know how to lower and raise the temperature in the home using thermostat, for example, because inadequate use of fixtures can mean a whole lot of repairing for landlords. A bit of photo instructions cannot hurt, and it is possible to create customized photo books of the property using online tools.

The big picture

Essentials For Preparing A Manual For Your Tenants

A pet policy should be covered in the manual, as many tenants bring their four-legged friends with them. Some properties are off limits for pets, while others introduce a size limit. Furthermore, inform tenants about their designated parking spot, and whether there are any special parking days. Trash day is another important piece of information because improper trash removal is one of the main problems landlords are faced with. Moreover, not everyone is in-the-know when it comes to recycling requirements, which is why a manual should include proper guidelines.

If the outdoor space is part of the property, manual should explain safety and maintenance duties. These may include activities such as snow removal or mowing the lawn. City dwellers are not quite versed in keeping terraces and patios tidy, so leave nothing to chance. Provide information about the neighborhood as well, and add a map with locations of grocery stores, malls, restaurants, and other important structures. It is essential to prepare tenants for the cases of emergency, and they need to be aware of the fire escape, police and fire brigade number. Finally, there might be some info that needs to be added later, so leaving enough room for it in the manual is advisable.

Perks of being a landlord

Essentials For Preparing A Manual For Your Tenants

Some things are best understood when put in black and white and spelled out to tenants. The manual for tenants is supposed to cover basic information about the property, its fixtures, features and surroundings. It is a local resource for tenants, their basic compass in the terra nova. Done right, manual puts tenants at ease, and provides a peace of mind for the landlord. In fact, landlords who offer great customer service to tenants can enjoy all the perks and privileges of their position for a long time. Also, landlords have to make sure their tenants are informed about most important property news in the area by providing a list of blogs where they can find valuable property information.

So, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, make sure you are well-informed when it comes to property news.