Saturday 24 February 2024

Even More Reason To Invest In A Central Vacuum System This Year

Even More Reason To Invest In A Central Vacuum System This Year

Vacuuming is a chore that can be a real hassle. When you’re home after a hard day’s work or trying to relax on a day off, the last thing you want to do is work around the house. Plus, it can be annoying for everybody else in your household since vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise and can disrupt those in the home who are trying to sleep, read a book, or watch television.

But even more frustrating than that is when you take the time to vacuum only for the job to not be done properly because the device you are using lacks quality. Or, even worse, you need to repeatedly make trips to the appliance store because your vacuum is not strong enough and frequently needs to be replaced.

One of the best solutions to these problems is to install a central vacuum. A central vacuum is not as common in the home as a standard portable vacuum, but there are numerous benefits to owning one.

Often people don’t even know what a central vacuum is or think it requires serious renovation in the home to install. This is not true, as all that is usually required is a hole covered with an inlet backing plate, and the pipes get fed through a basement, crawlspace, or attic.

Even More Reason To Invest In A Central Vacuum System This Year

A central vacuum is preferable to a portable vacuum in many ways:

1. Versatility

Central vacuums have long hoses and a wide variety of tools that can reach places standard portable vacuums cannot. This makes it easier to properly clean boats, RVs, and rooms in your house, including the garage. Plus, the central vacuum does not stir up dust in a broom-like manner.

2. Negligible Vacuum Noise

It is virtually unbearable to have a conversation, read a book, watch a television show, listen to music, or try to sleep when a portable vacuum is being used. The amount of noise is incredibly disrupting to a whole host of activities and helps make the entire vacuuming experience inconvenient.

The biggest reason for the loud noise is the vacuum motor. However, with a central vacuum, the motor is in the garage or basement, so all you hear when vacuuming is the air coming out of the vacuum itself. That noise is minimal and not at all disruptive, which means you do not have to inconvenience anybody else is your household when cleaning. And, with any luck, your pet won’t be scared of either.

3. Ease of Use

Household chores aren’t exactly fun, but they become even more of a challenge when the machine you’re using is not easily maneuverable. Being able to clean one’s home with the least aggravation possible is preferable and we have the solution.

Using a central vacuum is far less demanding than using a portable vacuum for several reasons. First, because the system is centralized, a central vacuum means that you don’t have to drag or carry around a heavy vacuum.

Second, because of the accessories, a central vacuum is equipped with, it is far easier to clean every nook and cranny of the house without having to work hard to get to them. That spot behind the refrigerator that is always so difficult to clean and frequently builds up dust as a result? A central vacuum can get there easily and clean it efficiently so that you never have to worry about dust build-up ever again.

4. Strong, Deep Cleaning

The motor on a central vacuum is much stronger than the motor on a portable vacuum. In addition, the motor of a central vacuum is typically located in a basement or garage, so it stays much cooler. This means it remains strong and provides suction through the pipes and hose that is much more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner. The end result is generally much cleaner surfaces because of the enhanced ability to eliminate debris and dust.

5. Cleaner Air

Since central vacuums are far superior to portable vacuums when it comes to eliminating dust, dirt, and debris, the air in the surrounding area ends up much purer.

In addition, portable vacuums have an exhaust which recycles the dirt collected back into the air. This is especially important for those with allergies and asthma as they are already much more prone to breathing issues. The cleaner air allows sufferers to breathe cleaner air and reduce the severity of their reactions as a result.

6. No More Need for Portable Vacuums

Most portable vacuums are not strong enough to last more than a few years at most. However, with a central vacuum, basic maintenance is all that is necessary to keep the system operating at a high level for many years. With a central vacuum, there are no power cords or extension cords, no filter issues, no heavy machinery to lug around, long-lasting parts, and a large trash capacity.

7. Save Money Over the Long Term

The quality of a central vacuum is unquestionably superior to that of a portable vacuum, but that matters not just because it produces better immediate results. Having a vacuum that holds up better over the long haul also means less long-term expense since it does not require frequent replacement purchases. Rather than dealing with buying new equipment, all you really need to be concerned with is proper maintenance, which is why you would be well-served to join a preferred customer program.

Benefits of being a member of such a program generally include the elimination of labor fees, free replacement bags and filters, free clog removal, and significant accessory discounts, and an extended warranty.

In many ways, being a member of a program like this is the vacuum equivalent of having an AAA card. With AAA, your membership ensures you always have support for your automobile. This would be similar, but instead would ensure constant support is in place for your central vacuum if needed.