Tuesday 23 April 2024

Everything About Ringworm Skin Infection

Ringworm Skin Infection

Tinea is the scientific term that represent a group of contagious skin infections caused a various types of fungi. Ringworm is a ring like structure on skin and worms has nothing to do with it. The infections are caused by fungi. Ringworm skin infections are spread by skin-to-skin contact, most often when a athlete touches another athlete who is already infected.

Everything About Ringworm Skin Infection
On so many levels, this goes without saying. Come what may, you must strive hard to maintain excellent hygiene habits for the betterment of your own skin. Knowing and adhering to proper hygiene habits is a must for overall wellbeing. For instance, opt for anti-fungal soap than an ordinary soap for cleaning yourself. Look for natural ingredient based soaps and stop using chemical based soaps for maintaining the cleanliness of your skin.

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