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Exclusive Technologies In Racing Cars

Exclusive Technologies In Racing Cars

Car racing companies have always wanted to build the best and the fastest cars possible. They employ the best engineers and top car designers to help them with their job. Car racing technologies influence the components of other cars. From the engine design, the position of ignition and to the rear view mirror.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission translates the engine power to the car wheels. The manual system is slow and is prone to human error. The automatic transmission automatically switches gears without any input from the driver. The clutches manual transmission and the direct shift gear boxes (DSG) are car racing technologies that enable the drivers to shift gears quickly and into the correct gear. The direct shift gear boxes works like two transmissions, one dials even number gears while the other dials odd number gears. DSG does not use the clutches which makes it faster and less prone to errors.


In racing, it is good to have all tires maintain contact with the ground. This makes the car more stable and it also ensure that the power created by the engine helps to move the car. Racing cars use independent suspension. The suspension allows each to move without affecting the movement of other wheels. NASCAR cars use Macpherson struts, while formula one cars use multi-link suspension. Race car suspensions are different from other cars since it has to keep the racing car stable through the turns, extreme acceleration and stopping.

Exclusive Technologies In Racing Cars


Racing car companies have designed a braking system that ensures that the car stops under extreme circumstances. Racing cars disc brake made from materials that are light and durable. Ceramic brakes have been used in racing cars for some time. But, some race cars have changed to brakes made of carbon making them lighter and super strong.

Engine Air Intake

Car racing engines need to breathe freely and easily to perform. Getting air for car is vital because the car engine create power through combustion. The engine will not work without air. The engine also performs best when the air it receives is cold. Cold air thickens the fuel mixture burned by engine, allowing it to get more energy out of it Ram air intakes and superchargers are designed for that purpose. Another technology used in race cars is the hood scoops, to bring in more cool air to the engine. Although they don’t force more air to the engine like the ram or the supercharger they bring enough air to cool the engine and improves performance.

Exterior Design

Race cars are designed for performance, everything on the outside of racing cars is designed for a purpose and not just to look good. The smooth flowing shape of racing cars is designed for performance, glamor and power. Tunnel testing was first used by racing car designers to create the most aerodynamic racing car shape. Since racing cars are fast, car designers and engineers created the air darns and spoilers to keep race cars stable while speeding. If you are learning how to drive and you are due for a driving test, book practical driving test online.