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Eyeshadow Ideas For Hazel Eyes

Eyeshadow Ideas For Hazel Eyes

For charming and attractive shapes, sizes and angles for your eye makeup it is important to invest in some few better items such as right brushes and application while for brushes its selection is little bit complicate but there is 4 major brushes (Flat Stiff Brush, Pencil Brush, Stiff Dome Brush, Soft Dome Brush) which is capable of creating any look so come and start shaping your eyes.

Here we will discuss about some basic shapes that everyone needs to know


This is also called“dividend in thirds”. The lightest shape can be represented by yellow colors, medium colors by orange and the darkest by brown. This is the most complimenting for each eye shape, particularly if your eyes are near one another but it can be seems separated when you have a lighter shade inside of your eyes.While for this look use your stiff flat brush and pat each colors on while ensure the blending in such a way that harsh lines appears.

Eyeshadow Ideas For Hazel Eyes

Snow Globe

For flat eyes Shadow Ideas it is an excellent method because it gives the hallucination that they are round. Using shimmer in the middle of your eyelid while on the inner and outer eye part using of matte shade makes it more dramatic and the use of flat stiff brush is the best option which will blend the lines.

Smokey Eye

The smoky eye sound good and is popular now a days while for smoky eyes use flat brush and pat dark colors at the lower lids. After that with the help of soft dome brush use light or medium color which will ensure the soften look while blending the creased area.

Cat Eye

The Cat eye look could be possible with either eyeliner or eyeshadow. Actually, I like to do this with eye shadow in light of the fact that it provides a softer appearance. Now start with an eyeliner and color it from lower eye liner towards the outer parts. Use and apply the darkest shadow colors in a large wingled shape to the outer corner which can be done by pulling your eyes upwards just like cat eye shape. For soften the line use the pencil brush and go through the liner.

Cut Crease or Open Banana

For cut and crease eye you have to use the eyeliner pencil or you can also use etched brush for defining the crease line of the eye Shadow Ideas now for defining the lines blend the colors out and upward without disturbing the lines and after on lower lid below the crease apply the lighter color which will give you edgy and sharp look.

Round Banana / Closed Banana

The same method is also used for round or closed banana as used in the previous ones but for round banana the light color is applied to the lower eyelid and the edges is made round and after that shadow is drop down and it put below the lower lash line.

Author:Reema Khan