Friday 19 April 2024

Facts About SEO That You Should Know

The SEO industry is riddled with facts that we should know. As an example, many website owners make mistakes by thinking that SEO is only a one-time effort. They believe that once SEO task is completed then it is done. Just like marketing campaigns in the real world, any SEO task isn’t something that we can do only once and finally forget. SEO is a continuous process and we need to do it in a long period of time. In fact, as long as our website is running, we need to do it constantly. We should be aware that new competitors are appearing and search engines are changing their algorithms. SEO also allows us to grasp new opportunities in the market and we should use all the good things before they become stale.

To make sure that our rankings don’t drop, we should focus on looking for new techniques that could bring better results. However, many techniques guarantee good results, but they could be based on bogus claim. Although those people say that results are guaranteed, in reality no SEO method is foolproof. Some methods could work only in specific situations. Things change online and we will never know when a specific method will stop working. Although some tactics are better and can bring more reliable long-term results, none is guaranteed. There’s no magical way to gain good ranking and if there is some loopholes, they would leak out to the public and search engines will update their algorithm to compensate.

It is commonly believed that placing too many links on our page can cause penalization. Even experts have told us that adding too many links will cause our webpage to look like link farm it is possible that we will get penalized. However, in reality, Google knows if we intentionally add too many links for creating bad backlinks. Wikipedia has many long webpages with plenty of reference links and they still placed on top of search results for specific keywords. As long as a webpage has relevant links, we shouldn’t be afraid to make it look like a normal navigation. There’s no penalty of adding multiple links, if we do it properly.

We also often think that internal linking has zero significance in SEO. In reality, internal links are still essential. Although they won’t put us higher in search results, internal links will help search crawlers to navigate our website better. Crawlers behave like robots that automatically go to all links on our website. If our website has poor internal navigation, Google won’t penalize us; but it is quite likely that some of our pages won’t be indexed. With good internal links, it will be faster for our website to get indexed and we shouldn’t skip this important step.