Friday 14 June 2024

Family Road Trip: TOP 7 Places To Stop The Car With Kids In Jamaica

Jamaica is a popular trip destination, especially for families. Your family trip to Jamaica can be supported with the beach resorts, interesting museums, national parks and active leisure that is especially good for kids. What do you expect from your Montego Bay trip? You can see the beauty of mountains, catamaran trip, sea coast, horse-riding, water adventures, dog-sledding. The resorts to stay are comfortable and all inclusive. So, what transport is available for your Montego Bay car travel?

Why Should Rent 12 Seater Van?

12 seater vans are good for large groups who are going to travel around the cities or on a long road trip. Rental24h Company can help you to pick a good van. This kind of vehicle is especially attractive for big families, friends and even pets. 12 seater van Montego Bay road trip usually starts from the airport. The car is good if you need a little extra luggage capacity or seating for 10 more passengers. Here are the most popular car brands:

  1. Ford Transit
  2. Nissan NV 3500
  3. Sprinter
  4. Chevrolet Express and others similar


Places to Stop the Car


You have to spend a couple of hours at the Rain Forest Adventures. It is situated on the north of the country. Your kids are happy to try bobsledding. This is a kind of mountain sledding. It is easy for kids to ride a bobsled and go through the forest and far! There is another interesting thing to do – SkyExplorer lift. This lift takes you up the mountain. The territory is huge and you can see a marvelous butterfly garden, bobsled team’s museum, zip-lining attractions. The day is full of emotions!

Dunn’s River Falls

This park is the most popular local attraction you’ve met before. The full name is Dunn’s River Falls Park. What can you see there? Be ready to observe waterfalls, train yourself in climbing and outing. The territory is always full of interested tourists. People gather is groups and try to climb or swim. The park territory is situated about an hour driving from Montego Bay popular resort.


Negril is the western territory of Jamaica. If you have at least one free day you should spend it here. Negril boasts with the famous beach miles, consisting of restaurants, cafes and other territories for fun and attractions. The Cliffside area is awesome! Pay attention to Rick’s Cafe. This is a place where tourists come to jump off cliffs into the water. There are two attractive beaches for families. They are located on the territory of all inclusive family resorts.


Catamaran Cruise in Negril

Here is another popular water attraction you should try. Just contact the Island Routes Catamaran Cruise tours and spend a day or two boating. The tour usually consists of a boat trip, lunch, and such water attractions like snorkeling, water trampoline.

Rose Hall Great House

The ancient Rose Hall welcomes you on the north coast of Montego Bay. This place came from the past. The house was restored many years ago. It offers you to jump into the country history, deep into the legend of The White Witch. It is better to read it before.

Rose Hall Garden

Braco Stables Tours: Hiking, Biking, and Horse riding

Do you like horses? The family tour to Braco Stables includes many interesting excursions to practice in hiking, biking, horse riding, swimming. Braco territory is spread over the acres of the north part of Lamaica. There was a sugar plantation here in 70th. This interesting can easily be your brightest memory about Jamaica travelling.

Jamaica Dog Sledding

This attraction must be one of the most interesting. The Chukka Caribbean Adventures company often uses dogs not only for riding but sharing love with you. The dogs here are strong and friendly. They like riding and ready to go whenever you want with fun and noise. You can book a long sled-dog excursion or take a short ride. This unique attraction is available only in Jamaica. So, come and see!


Jamaica is friendly for tourists and their families. Every country mile welcomes you with new and interesting attraction. You can take a chance and participate in Meet the People Program. This free program takes you to the local tourist board to be connected with local Jamaicans. This can help to all families and single tourists to discover new and new places to feel relaxed and wonderful. It must be twice excited to meet a new family from another country and spend some time together. Your kids can play with other kids and have fun of it. If you are interested, the program is free. You can download it or find in your laptop and use every time you need it. The Board Office is available online. Whatever you choose, pick the way of transportation first.