Friday 21 June 2024

First Impression Increases Conversion Rate

Branding your website is the best way to market your business and make the sale happen. In fact, the marketing strategies that businesses form are mainly focused on the branding. The right branding forms the backbone of the business and it should be well maintained with consistency. Marketing strategies need to be reinvented from time to time so that there is no monotony in the business because that would bore customers. Soon they would start looking for better options and the best way to understand that is with the increase in bounce rates.

Always remember that your website is beyond just branding and it needs to focus on handling business online. The best thing about digital marketing is the fact that you have the opportunity to work as a sales team combining advertising along with marketing. The combination of all the right elements give you the desired results but care needs to be taken that the work is done right. The right work in this case will get reflected with a high conversion rate.

Managing both conversion rate and branding is tough but the following points will help you handle both and at the same time enjoy great results. The challenge is neck deep and a glimpse of that would be to know that a web page has only 50 milliseconds to give the first great impression. In such a short time span, the elements that grab attention are color, symmetry, structure of the web page, font size and type. So, let us take a close look at the other statistics that will help us understand how to make the conversion happen.

  • Opinions are Formed within 17 Seconds – Best website design companies in Toronto know that the striking first impression can be managed with less complicated designs. Modern innovative designs are less complicated and focus more on simplicity. After all, less is more.
  • First Impression Comes within 5.6 Seconds – The maximum attention that these precious 2.6 seconds focus on are the brand logo, the color used and the overall layout of the website. So, keep the business logo design interesting and most importantly that would intrigue viewers.
  • 94% Great First Impression Triggers Further – Statistics have reported that approximately 94% of the people who enjoy a great first impression actually take time out to check the entire website. This is a huge figure and should not be taken lightly.
  • High Satisfaction through Best First Impression– When the first impression is great, people are keen to go beyond and check the entire website further. That is the best way to make sure viewers and potential customers are thoroughly satisfied with what they see on your website.

The above assumptions are formed on the basis of recorded consumer patterns and their outlook after browsing websites. If you are keen to make the conversion happen, then make sure that the first impression is memorable. Someone has very aptly said that the first impression is the last impression and everything begins from there. Understanding the importance of first impression, put in your best effort and make it count.