Monday 15 April 2024

First Time Decorating Nursery Room

Many people like to plan ahead. It’s in our nature and it’s what gives us a sense of security. Regarding your marriage and your partner, you plan the wedding, the living space, then you plan to get pregnant and then nature plans something for you. You never know whether it’s going to be a girl or a boy, but once it sees the light of the day it’s too late to start decorating your nursery. There are décor plans that can be made in both cases – when you know the gender of your expectant baby and when you choose to be surprised.

First Time Decorating Nursery Room


The easiest thing here would be to know the baby’s gender and to go for pink or blue. Believe it or not. many people still do this today, although there is a variety of possibilities and creations. If you are one of those people who like to experiment, read carefully. One option is to make yellow/ grey colour scheme. It’s neutral, yet calming. Yellow details can liven up the cool grey walls of the nursery. The second choice might be to paint the walls in white, which leaves you with numerous ways to play with details. However, keep in mind that is not a circus and don’t use more than three colours. In this case, to achieve the neutral effect combine green, red and orange. It’s a playful, cheerful and bright solution.

Eye- catching Details    

In the end, what ever colour combination you choose, it is important to make one part of the room stand out. For example, if you painted all the walls in one colour, good advice would be to use curtains with some patterns of different colour. They will literally attract baby’s attention and motivate baby to roll over, to move her hands trying to reach it and it is also good for eye accommodation. Another example would be to use wallpapers with vivid and lovely colours placed near baby’s crib.

Soft Touch of a Parent

In order for you to feel complete, you need to give the room that final touch. Everyone can use pictures, photos, wallpapers, but only you can add that soft touch and make others who enter the room feel  overwhelmed and peaceful. To achieve this add some pillows onto the armchair, use soft materials for pillow case. Put over a crib side soft baby blanket. These could be found with different patterns. Put a lamp on a bedside table that will provide you with soft night light. Alternatively, install earthy woven shade on your ceiling. With its yellowish light, it will give the nursery really warm and comfy feeling.

First Time Decorating Nursery Room

Do not overdo it

Now, you are done with choosing colours and details. When you look around, it’s inevitable that you have a feeling like something is missing. So you think, maybe I can just add this and a little bit of that. Stop. Do not overdo it. If the room has everything that is necessary for your baby (the crib, bedside table, an armchair, wardrobe), than the only thing that is missing is your baby. And when it arrives, it will spend most of its time sleeping, so the room shouldn’t be over stimulating. Do not buy too many music toys, teddy bears, dolls. They will just collect the dust. Prepare the essentials and the rest…well, leave it for your baby girl or baby boy to fulfil the ambient.

Final advice would be not to spend too much money on details. Many of them will have greater value if you make them especially for your baby. Once your baby starts walking, he or she will decorate the room in their own chaotic style.