Thursday 29 February 2024

Fitness Tips to Get You Started

When it comes to fitness tips, everyone has their two cents on the matter. the internet is filled with idea that may directly contradict with the helpful tips provided by your friends.

‘To do or not to do’, do you this, or do you do that. before you know it, you’re into some made up training program of your own which, could either make or break your body.

You don’t have to intend to become a pro in order to get fit, but it’s better to learn from professionals, or at least from someone who knows what they are doing.

This article aims to provide some basic workout tricks which will get you started on your journey to a healthy body. They are not advanced, but with someone spotting, you can get a lot done.

  1. Spotting

Wishing for a healthy body is nice but the road that lies ahead is anything but simple.

Often you might feel the urge to quit. Kudos to you if you find the courage to follow through. If you’re not able to stick with the routine, find someone who is willing to train with you.

Having someone spotting you, or just to compare results as you both workout is great for motivation and increases the likelihood of you sticking with the routine instead of bailing halfway.

Also, you’re not perfect and having someone to spot you ensures you don’t go injure yourself by pushing too hard or due to poor form.

  1. Make Plans that Align with Your life

The desire to get fit is often crushed by your work and other responsibilities. You may be tired or can’t find the time to squeeze in the time for your exercises.

In such cases, don’t rush. Take a notebook and plan out your day. A workout session lasting only 10-15minutes practiced over a period of 2-3 months is still better than doing nothing at all.

Plan your exercises before you go to work, or during the evening. You can even do some light cardio(maybe practice on spinning bikes) an hour before dinner.

Don’t try pushing away your responsibilities. The workout takes energy and if you feel exhausted, you are more likely to cross out your fitness training than any daily activities.

Try to find some wiggle room and stick to it. All your efforts will bear fruit, in time.

  1. Hire a pro

If you’re starting for the first time, you should consider hiring a pro trainer.

The learning stage is very crucial as you will be building the muscle memory for all the exercises. Any misalignment in form, flexibility, and balance can have long-term consequences in the future, some harmless, some affecting your daily activities.

If you’re short on money, go to a gym and train until your body gets used to the strain and balance. After that, you can practice on your own, but having a friend to spot is still advisable.

  1. Pick Something that You Enjoy

Don’t get carried with exercise that assures best results. As a beginner, pick something that you genuinely enjoy.

There will be some compulsory exercises. Besides those, do what you like to do. Try to get a feel for the exhaustion, the strain. Build your endurance and strength.

Have fun, enjoy yourself. You’re in this just to get fit, not to become the next Mr. Universe.