Friday 19 July 2024

Flood Recovery After The Storm

It is common to say that disaster can strike at any time and it is true, without a warning your house may flood and badly damage your property. Riverbanks overflow and snowmelt can cause more trouble than imagined. Basements are usually the first victims of these disastrous events and owners are left with a mighty mess that is not always easy to clean up; if left alone a relatively minor problem can turn into a much bigger one, costing the owner thousands just to get it fixed. Restoration is the key to keep your house and your family safe; while prevention is also important, sometimes nature overcomes even our best efforts and it becomes a problem that looks impossible to solve.

When dealing with water damage from a flood, time is a key element. Not only are you trying to save as much as you can in terms of property, cleaning up becomes a race against bacteria and mould that can cause a variety of health problems, not to mention that if your house was soaked by sewage it may become unsafe to live in very quickly. It is estimated that for clean up after a flood you have 24 to 38 hours to minimise the overall damage.

Sometimes the flood looks mild and it is easy to think that with a few buckets and a mope you may solve your problems; however, looks can be deceitful and you must remember that you are going against mould and harmful bacteria. If you want to clean up yourself and do not have the necessary equipment to do it then the best option in the market is Lemarg Rental as they have an express delivery service and are able to help you 24/7. Their dehumidifier rental will meet the highest standards and there is a team of experts constantly on standby to help you deal with both the equipment and the logistics of clean-up.

Renting a dehumidifier is possibly the best method to deal with extensive water damage, as they are designed to pull moisture from the air to improve the air quality, this in turn eliminates the risk of mould forming or entering your lungs. This is especially important given that after a flood mould formation is your number one enemy, not only can mould trigger asthma attacks or severe allergic reactions, it also puts the structural integrity of your home in danger as it can weaken the foundations and even destroy wooden beams. A dehumidifier rental help reduce the property damage in the long-run and allow you to move back into your house quickly and without worrying for your or your family’s health.

When cleaning after a flood it is important to remember that time is of the essence, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a specialist company, always make sure that you get it done immediately. It might seem tedious and it may look like it can wait but cleaning up is the best way to protect your investment and your family.