Friday 12 April 2024

Food and Sport: TOP Food Preferences from Long-Livers

Do you want to live long? You should learn what people from different countries eat to live long. It can help to get fit and keep you up. British scientists made a list of the world countries with healthy food. Top 5 of them belong to Iceland, Singapore, Sweden, Andorra and Great Britain. Their success depends on locals prefer healthy food to fast food restaurants. Nutritionists found out what people from different countries used to eat.


This Northern country takes the leading position to have healthy diet. The reason of it is fish. Hire the car in Reykjavik and go to find fish restaurants? They are at every corner! Locals do not like sausages, semi-finished food or other not healthy materials. They like fish, milk products, vegetables and fruits every day. People also eat wholemeal bread and products that are full of useful carbs: beans, porridge, apples, spinach and others.

Salmon Salad


This country takes the second place among the countries of healthy diet. Locals do not like sweets. They eat fruits. What is more, people are mad on healthy dieting. Their street food courts trade with healthy food. Locals eat rice, seafood, chicken. Of course, big role is played by herbs and spices. People like using natural herbal spices for their everyday meal.


The secret is simple: locals do not eat ketchup and other popular souses. They eat useful products like milk, meat and fish, vegetables. Of course, Swiss people like pastry but eat sweets not very often.


Andorra takes the fourth place to be the country of healthy diet. What is more, this is the country where people live long. What is the secret? Locals keep Mediterranean diet! They have vegetables, cereals, fish and meat every day. Besides, the country takes the fourth place in the world by drinking wine. As you know, wine contains antioxidants. These chemicals control the level of cholesterol in our organism, boosting immunity and health condition.

Great Britain

British people do not eat semi-finished food and other harmful goods. They try to cook something tasty and healthy at home. They also like eating fresh vegetables the year round. As nutritionists say, British people try to eat season vegetables, even in winter: Brussels cabbage, parsnip, turnip. What is more, locals do not like eating pastry: they do not care about bread, pancakes, pasta. They prefer fish and natural meat – beef, lamb or pork.



Chinese people live for 73 years because they eat all that growth and move. There is no secret: Chinese people like seafood, rice, soya and pees. They often use vegetables. Beans are rich in active elements and proteins. These products are typical for China. Nevertheless, the most of locals prefer fast food to healthy diet. It leads to overweighting for men and women. Actually, modern Chinese are not very good example because they eat much fat.


One of the main food traditions in France is high quality food. Locals live for 80 years by eating high quality food. The healthy menu consists of such products as fish, vegetables, greenery, cheese. They do not eat damaged tomatoes or faded greenery. Do they eat cakes? Actually, such tasty sweet as cake is not attractive for French people. Their desserts are small and light by form and ingredients. Meat dishes are also not big. French are gourmands. They like eating different food. Such various menu helps them to be healthy and slim.


Japanese live for 92 years. What do they eat every day to look like teenagers? It is not a secret that rice is the main component of Japanese cuisine. Rice contains kalium to makes your heart healthy, preventing heart diseases. Japanese also like eating seafood. Seafood is rich in iodine. Never forget about vegetables. Japanese people like vegetables. They eat cucumbers, cabbage, reddish, salad and carrots every day in different combinations.

Baked vegetables


Meet one more country that makes people live long. This is Switzerland. Locals never eat semi-prepared products or concentrates. Their menu consists of fresh healthy food, based on cereals. Thus, people eat muesli for breakfast to prevent gastro intestinal diseases. Their everyday menu is porridge and herbal tea. People also drink wine to prevent heart diseases. Do you like fondue? Of course, local women like to relax and eat cheese with fat meat from time to time. It happens on holidays for family parties.


Norway is a country where people, even very rich people prefer cereals to the rest of dishes. Porridge is the base of the local menu. They eat porridge with honey with no sugar. Actually, locals eat desserts no more than once a week. . That is why people always slim and beautiful here. They like eating fish to make their heart stronger. People do not like cream and use milk with food. Of course, people in Norway have no fruits and vegetables to eat because of cold climate. Locals prefer meat to vegetables and this is not very good and healthy.


The United Stated of America is not only MacDonald. Actually, Americans have a lot of opportunities to make their food healthy and various. They live for 77 years in general. Nevertheless, this country takes leading position in eating fast food meals. Their food is fat and high-calorie. This is the reason why overweighting is the main problem of modern Americans, including male. Of course, people suffer from food experiments, especially if they eat chemically damaged food.

Girl eating french fries

It does not matter where you live. You can keep healthy diet living in any corner of our planet. The Forbes Magazine named the list of healthy products that you must eat every day, regardless of the country you live and food preferences. They are berries, nuts, beans. It is also important to realize that people live long not only because of healthy food, but ecology, stress, social level, medicine. Nevertheless, the fact of healthy food is still highly important, indeed. So, start eating fresh food with no fats and semi-finished products and get some fit. This does not make you to live long but feel better.