Friday 19 April 2024

Four Pitfalls That Cosmetic Packaging Designers Should Avoid

These days, people, both men and women of all ages are becoming beauty conscious and are trying out different types of beauty products to enhance their appeal and looks. It could be that the product may be organic, created with the right ingredients needed for enhanced safety when using it and will provide the best results, and also is affordable. But it might not be popular as it should have been. The reason probably might be because of poor design and packaging.

It is known by every package designer and expert that each and every beauty product created needs to be designed attractively and also come with beautiful packaging. But this is not the end. One can also come up with customized options, thus relating the product with the brand whenever it is seen anywhere by the consumers. Cosmetics packaging always needs to be practical and beautiful, something that is tough to achieve and sought by all cosmetics products manufacturers in delhi.

What is not liked by the consumers and are put off by it?

There are certain things pertaining to beauty product packaging which is hated by consumers, who tend to avoid buying such products. Few are given below that manufacturers should keep in mind when trying to design the product and packaging it.

  • 100% opaque cosmetics packaging: Transparent packaging is just loved by almost each and every person aspiring to buy a beauty product. It allows the user to know the quantity present in the bottle or box and understand clearly the most appropriate time when to order for the next one. those not desiring transparent packaging can include transparent indicatory and make the remaining part of the design to be opaque.
  • Packaging not coming with usage directions: Instructions are provided by a majority of the beauty brands on the boxes containing jars, tubes, and bottles. However, it is quite natural for people, in general, to throw away the boxes. Undoubtedly, beauty products without having instructions printed upon the primary packaging are considered to be a major consumer frustration.
  • Low quality cosmetics packaging: Beauty product packaging should be break proof and durable to ensure being carried easily in suitcases, handbags, gym bags, etc. without facing spill, breakage and damage issues.
  • Packaging requires working hard: At times, the user might struggle a lot to open up the face cream or tube and in the process end up spilling it, which can be really disturbing. There are also instances of the person not being in a position to squeeze out the last drop of lotion out from the bottle deemed to be highly expensive. Caps may be screwed on to the bottle very tight that they may require more than pliers to open it.

Irrespective of how good and useful the beauty product has been created, care should be taken to ensure that the packaging is also made properly so that it can deliver the materials meant to be applied by the user. All cosmetic manufacturer Delhi should keep this aspect in mind when designing and packaging to avoid the common pitfalls.