Monday 26 February 2024

Fun Facts About Fleas

Have you ever wondered what fleas feed on, or how long they can live for? Well, here are some of the top fun facts that you need to know about fleas, as well as finding out everything you need to know about them in general.

Fleas Have Four Life Stages

When fleas develop, they go through four different stages of life. You have the egg, which then hatches into the larva, then into the pupa and finally, the biting adult. The flea can’t bite before it reaches the last stage, and it nourishes itself through its own biological system.

Fleas Can Bite Reptiles

Fleas don’t just bite dogs, cats and humans. They bite any warm-blooded animal they can find, however it is also possible for them to feed on reptiles. This isn’t their first choice of food source, but they will adapt and feed on anything they can find should the need arise, including lizards.

Female Fleas Can Lay Over 2,000 Eggs

The female flea, in her lifetime, can lay over 2,000 eggs. When you think about the fact that one female flea can do this, it isn’t hard to see why they multiply so much and why they can get out of hand so quickly.

A Flea Can Survive for 100 Days Without Feasting

A flea can live for well over 100 days without a blood meal. For this reason, if you de-flea your cat, or your dog, you could still have fleas in your carpet or even in your furniture. If you have a serious flea problem, it might be an idea for you to call in an exterminator.

The Female Flea Can Consume 15 Times her Own Weight in Blood

The female flea is actually much larger than the male, and in one feeding alone she can consume well over 15 times her own weight in blood. If she does this then she won’t need to feed again for 24 hours.

A Flea Can Jump 150 Times Its Own Height

A flea can jump 8 inches, that’s the equivalent of us jumping over a very tall building in one leap. This is how they are able to transverse from one animal to the next, with flawless efficiency.

It’s Possible To Develop a Flea Allergy

It is entirely possible for the human host or even the dog and cat host to develop an allergy to flea saliva. A flea allergy is where you don’t just have normal itching, you have intense, uncontrollable itching that often results in bloodied skin, scabs and in some instances even infections.

So as you can see, fleas really are incredible creatures and they have so many interesting traits and characteristics. They have the ability to survive 100 days without food, they can jump 150 times their own height and they can consume 15 times their body weight in blood a day. If you suspect that your dog or cat has fleas and you have a problem on your hands, visit this site to reach out to an exterminator today to get your problem dealt with.