Friday 19 July 2024

Gain Muscle Mass During Weight Training with Protein Supplement

Gain Muscle Mass During Weight Training with Protein Supplement

You need supplements when you are on an exercise regimen. This is because we only eat the amount of food we need for our normal day-to-day activities. The body uses this food we eat and if we exercise we will run out of energy. That is our body will not have stored energy to supply when we pump iron or run the mile.

Use of supplements

The three main supplements used in weight training are whey protein, L-carnitine, and glutamine. These help the body get the material to build the muscle and supply the energy needed to keep exercising. Here is the breakup of the uses of the three in bodybuilding.

Whey protein:

Proteins are the building block of the muscle tissue. If you don’t have enough proteins, the body will not be able to build the muscles. That is, it will not build the muscles fast. With the whey proteins, it will begin the building process immediately. Whey protein is one of the best product for muscle gain.

The reasons for using this supplement are that it is cheap, convenient, and effective. Compared to fish and meat diets, the whey protein supplement is easy to have. You can add one scoop in a glass of water and drink anytime, anywhere.


You can train more times when you use L-carnitine. This is the cheapest sport performance enhancing substance available. It supplies the energy store your body needs in the form of ATP. This ATP is the chemical energy store in the body. Our body cells normally have very little. It lasts for a couple of seconds such as when we climb the stairs or jump over a ditch.

When we have have L-carnitine supplement, we increase the amount of ATP we have in the body. By increasing the ATP store, we are able to exercise more often and for a longer duration. This helps us build better muscles in a more efficient way.


Over 60.5% of the skeletal muscle is glutamine. When you undertake rigorous exercise schedules, the levels of glutamine in the body decreases. This decreases the stamina and recovery of the body. You also have decreased strength making your exercise regimen tougher.

Again, this is one of the best supplements to take for muscle gain. By taking the glutamine supplement, you help the body recover faster and last longer. It minimises the breakdown of muscles and helps increase protein synthesis. Make sure you have at least 10-15 grams of glutamine every day.

Make do with Protein Supplement

Having enough protein intake will prove sufficient for the beginners in bodybuilding. Take a protein drink before you begin the workout and one after the workout. This will help you by boosting the energy levels so you improve the quality and duration of the workout.

You will see muscle gain only after one or two weeks of training. A few people will take up to one month for any visible signs of muscle building. This is because they have a slow metabolism but the effect will become visible after one month. One must keep on eating the energy supplements throughout the training session.