Thursday 18 April 2024

Garage Door Repair FAQs – Questions You Need To Ask About Garage Doors

Garage Door Repair FAQs - Questions You Need To Ask About Garage Doors
  1. Is it important to get insulated garage door

An insulated garage door will help you reduce the amount of external temperature that enters the garage. This also means it also reduces the amount of energy required to heat or cool your house.

Garage Door Repair FAQs - Questions You Need To Ask About Garage Doors

  1. What type of maintenance is required for garage doors?

It is always suggested that for any kind of maintenance, you consult the certified professional. Apart from that there are few basic steps you can perform at your end such as:

  • Remember to inspect the rollers once a year replaces the ones that are broken and to be replaced.
  • Periodically have your exterior part of the door painted to protect it from external elements.
  • Lubricate the garage for smooth functioning of the opening system

To know more about if you need to replace or repair the door, click here.

  1. What all you should know about the durability of the garage door?

Garage doors have springs with a cycle of one full closing and opening action. An average spring will break about almost 7 to 10 years for any recommended product. To maintain the proper balance all springs needs to be replaced.

Garage door failure requires proper maintenance including lubrication of bearings, rollers, pulleys and spring once a year. Properly balanced door should not stop midway and should not drift up or down if operated manually.

  1. What should you learn about the safety of garage door?

Section Joints: People get injured by attempting to close the door by placing fingers in the open joint while pulling down the door. Now, doors are designed with protective finger section joints.

Extension Springs: Extension springs balance the garage door. They are mounting on the horizontal track, positioned perpendicular to the door. In case the extension spring breaks, they can cause injury by sudden flying in the garage. Always keep a safety cable to prevent the injury

Remote Controls: A push button, remote control and entry pad are some of the controllers used to operate the garage door openers. Children are often injured due to playing with these remote controls. Keep all these controls away from children.

Optic Sensors: As per the federal law, it is an absolute must for all the residential to install extra protection like sensing edge, optic sensors or photoelectric eyes. These sensory tolls help you sense the entry of any object or person in the pathway of the door and reverse the action of the door opening.

Torsion Springs: Torsion springs provide lifting power to the door by unwinding and winding the door closed and opened. As the spring is in high tension, special tools are required for adjustments. Hence, any repair work needs to be only handled by certified professionals

Rope Pulls and Lifts: Life handle allows you to open the door manually. Pull ropes have the same functioning from the bottom bracket of the floor. While closing or opening the door manually be careful to keep away the fingers between the door sections. Otherwise, they can hook to your loose clothing.