Monday 22 July 2024

Get The Most Exclusive Flooring With The Seagrass Carpets

Seagrass flooring is basically made by weaving a yarn that is pun from the dried leaves of the seagrass plant. The plant can be found growing in many shallow coastal waters in and around the world. Seagrass isn’t true grass but it has long, flat and blade like leaves and that is why it is named so.

Seagrass is found in and around the world where the temperate coastal shallows are available. In the early 20th century, it used to be a popular material used in the insulation of the houses as the dried blades had their air holes embedded with them. Thus, this provided a good protection against the sound and kept the heat inside. In the coastal areas, seagrass was being used as a thatching material also. Majority of the seagrass  that is used in the carpets comes from the paddy fields in China.

More about seagrass carpets

Flooring with jute carpets or seagrass carpet is very much in trend these days. The flooring products which are prepared from the seagrass are prepared with latex in order to keep the entire product natural. Moreover it is also suitable for the houses wherein the families yearn to limit the harmful emissions from the human made carpet and other synthetic materials.

Seagrass carpets are available in different designs, fine and coarse weaving patterns etc. seagrass is available in its natural colour, it may be either green or golden depending upon the time when it was harvested. The carpet looks waxy, rustic and appreciable after it is laid. While looking at seagrass flooring, many things must be kept in consideration. It must be assured that the carpet is able to take everything that is put into it. Moreover the ratings must be seen regarding whether the carpet is suitable for domestic use, kitchen or bathroom use. Other than this, seagrass carpet can be used on the stairs also, but it must be kept in notice that it secretes certain kinds of oils that might make the stairs slippery.

Lastly, seagrass is a very durable product however there are certain things such as castors on office chairs etc that can dig inside the carpet and completely ruin it. So, it is recommended to invest in the chair mats that provide a large surface that chair can roll on to protect the seagrass flooring. Other kinds of furniture items like sofas can be kept on the flooring but it is advised to use castor cups just to be on the safe side. This will help to spread the weight of the castor over a wider area and reduce the depth of the sunken areas.

These are some advantages of getting a seagrass flooring done. The flooring is extremely good and can be laid at a reasonable rate. Moreover the flooring is quite exquisite and is an eye catcher for the guests who come to visit your place. These are the reasons why Floorspace seagrass carpet is highly recommended.