Thursday 30 May 2024

Glass Candle Holders Come In Various Shapes and Sizes


Candle holders boast of a classy, neat and beautiful crystal like sparkle. They can easily fill both indoor and outdoor spaces with light once the candle is lit up. The different types of candle holders that you can find while shopping online at can turn your home, office, wedding and special occasions from simple to fabulous.

The different types of glass candle holders based on their shape are given here –

  • Cylinder shaped candle holders have straight sides and flat thick base, which helps to protect the table top from the heat of the melting wax of a burning candle. They are mostly made of thick glass, which makes them suitable for frequent and long term use. They are made in sizes perfect for votive candles, but are also available in sizes that allow one to host a tea light or a votive candle or a short, pillar candle.
  • Bowl shaped candle holders are so called due to their sphere shaped or ellipse shaped bowl like structure that features a flat, open top and a flat base. The interesting part of a bowl shaped candle holder is that it offers ample space around a votive candle for ornamental pieces such as rocks and colored pebbles.
  • Cone shaped candle holders are shaped like a cone with an extended rim which makes it easier to suspend them from the ring like structure of metal candle holders or the rim of other decorative votive candle holders. Cone shaped glass candle holders are rare and comes with a flat base within their cone so that a candle can sit on the flat base.
  • Bell shaped candle holders resemble a small inverted bell and they have a flared top rim. The bell shaped glass votive holders inspires the creation of the new era stemmed glass votive holders, which are made as tall as a candle centerpiece by a tall stem that stands on a footed base.

The variety of candle holders available at will surely meet your lighting requirements.

Candles were used for lighting purposes in olden days. But with more and more use of electricity, candles lost their importance. But thanks to the uniquely designed candle holders, which brought back the demand of candles.

Candle holders are used since olden days. The basic difference is that the designs have changed. The modern day candle holders are uniquely designed and are built to satisfy every type of taste. The old age chandeliers are also available which are now presented in a modern way to meet your expectations.

Oyster glass votive candle holders are short and cylinder shaped, with a flat base and a flared top rim. The rim is sometimes styled like flower petals. They can be placed on a table. The oyster glass candle holders are available in many colours.

Square shaped candle holders as the name suggests are shaped like a cube. Their unusual shape easily adds a modern touch to every home, office, wedding or party’s decorating theme. Several pieces of these votive holders can be used to create an interesting candle centerpiece.

Some unique candle holders are shaped and coloured to resemble a star, flower, maple leaf, tree or any other abstract object. They host a circular hole at the middle that makes a perfect spot for a candle but that spot can also be used to hold a small votive candle.

Candle holders having a flat base are perfect for tables. The flat base helps them to seat steadily on a tabletop or any other flat surface. They usually have a thick base that protects the surface of the table from the heat of the melting wax. Hanging candle holders are distinguished due to their flared top rim. This acts as their peg which helps them to hang securely.

Coloured glass candle holders are made of glass that contains oxides of certain minerals, which gives them their colourful shades. Frosted glass candle holders have a translucent surface. So they emit a less bright light as compared to clear glass votive holders.

Author Bio

The author is a businessman who manufactures candles. His business suffered losses due to the usage of electricity. So he started designing unique candle holders to bring back the demand of candles in the market.