Saturday 22 June 2024

Global Expansion Of A Small Speciality Ring Merchant

John Easley (founder of Carbon6) lost his wedding ring multiple times that is when he decided to make his own but he had to overcome some basic challenges before he could start to manufacture rings at mass. Challenges such as making the ring comfortable enough to be worn unnoticed, strong enough, attractive enough to be worn in any occasion and it should have enough meaning to wear it all the time. The idea was followed by several hours of research and it led to John to develop has own molding carbon fiber.

He used this method of combining the flexibility of resin and strength of carbon fiber to make a ring that fulfill all the challenges of functionality and style. It also hints at subtle message for the relationship he has with his wife – even though the elements alone are strong the combination is always stronger.

Global Expansion Of A Small Speciality Ring Merchant

As people got to know about this ring by marketing it in the right place, the demand for the ring grew and slowly it grew so much that Mr.John converted his one ring into an international online ring store. However, the expansion caused unprecedented challenges. The company struggled to manage high volume of payments.  They faced a series of problems with their payment process they offered limited payment options for their customers, and had high processing fee, then they lacked transparency during payment reporting.

Carbon6 needed their customers to trust them and they needed to have credibility with a bigger base of customers. The task to overcome for the company was huge the not only needed to shift people from buying metal rings to buying of their carbon fiber rings they also need to do this from a virtually unknown brand to add to their challenges they had little experience of generating sales during holiday season.

The company soon sorted help from Paypal by calling their Paypal tech help. Paypal enhanced carbon6’s limited resources so that they were able to handle higher payment volumes and the whole process became simpler and more affordable as the company grew.The Paypal brand helped the business gain trust and credibility with new customers and thus made the business global.

Involving Paypal in their business helped to convert new customers. Express checkout gave the business tools they required to receive payments with ease there were even very little calls paypal technical help. Now the customers sitting in 200 countries could pay for the rings. The challenge of making payments through mobile was also overcome.

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