Thursday 18 April 2024

Go Electronic, Do Vape!

Go Electronic, Do Vape!

Smoking kills but still millions of people all over the world continue to smoke. For the Government it is a great cash cow bringing in large amounts of funds in taxes – this is why tobacco products remain legal to own, smoke and sell. The only law implemented as of today is the banning of smoking in public places in many countries.

In an attempt to provide smokers with a cheaper, less harmful alternative to tobacco products, e-cigarettes, like the widely popular ego c e-cigarette, were created and have taken off in a big way. For those that have tried and failed to quit smoking using traditional nicotine replacement products, the e-cig has provided a much needed alternative. In fact many smokers have successfully transitioned to electronic cigarettes. Although they are still inhaling nicotine, it is certainly better than the real tobacco alternative.

Smoking Cessation

Most of the time and the most widely sold electronic cigarettes and e-liquid contain nicotine. However, it is not the nicotine that is the most dangerous element of tobacco but rather the tar and carbon monoxide. E-liquid is 100% free of both tar and carbon monoxide. This vastly reduces the risks of diseases associated with smoking tobacco that real smokers face every day. Also, the nicotine level found in vape juices can be very precisely controlled and a vapour can choose to lower his or her nicotine intake as they please. Eventually, transitioning to zero nicotine e juices should they please.

Go Electronic, Do Vape!

Quitting is not an easy task and smokers must face the challenge of saying no to the urge to smoke, especially when they are around a group of smokers. The great thing about keeping an e-cigarette at hand is that vapors or people in the process of quitting can easily take a vape hit and keep their cravings at bay instead of reaching for that deadly cigarette. In the like manner, the nicotine level in the bloodstream of vapers is within the safe level unlike regular tobacco smokers.

In line with this, a lot of e-cigarette smokers report that they feel healthier and lighter after they took up vaping. These testimonies are proof that keeping an e-cigarette is more beneficial than sticking to your deadly habit of lighting a cigarette.


Smoking takes a lion’s share of a person’s daily or monthly disposable income and this is often overlooked by smokers. Since most people would buy cigarettes by the stick or by the pack, they do not consider the few dollars they spend on this habit significant. However, what they do not realize is that smoking is an expensive habit that does no good to them or to the people around them.

Do the maths; calculate the usual amount that you spend on tobacco products in an average month and you will be surprised to see that it actually does add up and that you are really wasting good money on fuelling your smoking habit.

E-cigaretteswhilst not cheap do offer a cost benefit compared to tobacco products. You only need to invest in a good quality electronic cigarette kit once and then buying replacement parts and e-liquid are reasonable low cost. Just make sure that you read the manual and that you take care of your e-cigarette and it will be your trusty friend for a good long time.

Quit smoking; start vaping!