Monday 26 February 2024

Going Green Can Save You A Fortune. Here's How

In the modern world, fostering an eco-friendly office space is vital. We are slowly moving towards a renewable energy solution and greener living. Adapting your workspace now is a sensible, future-proof move. Not only that, but a ‘green’ office saves a lot of money too. Saving the planet and saving money goes hand in hand. Some of the techniques listed below also boost productivity among workers. It really is a no brainer when it comes to making changes.


Thanks to David Clarke for the image

Preserve energy wherever possible. When you run a business, making small changes can lead to huge differences. Something as simple as installing energy efficient light bulbs will cut down energy use in a big way. The same goes for asking employees to turn off monitors and lights when not in use. These small, green acts will cut down energy usage, and your energy bills. To explain how small changes make a big difference, consider this. If every office worker in the UK used one less staple every day, we’d save 120 tons of steel.

Let your employees work from home occasionally. In the digital age, there is little need for employees to be in the office every day. Telecommuting is easier than ever thanks to email, Skype and instant messaging. Employees will love spending a day working from home every now and then. They may even be more productive when free from office distractions. You’ll cut down on energy use too.

Embrace the digital era and move your data online. Try to move towards a paper-free environment. There really is no need for mountains of paper in a modern office. Store all of your files online on a cloud storage system. Workers can gain access to data quickly and more efficiently. This will boost productivity. You’ll save money on printing costs and help slow the process of deforestation.

Install renewable energy sources to power the office. Many companies are boasting an entirely carbon free office thanks to renewable energy. Harness solar power or wind turbines to power your office. It can provide electricity for your computers, air curtains and water heaters. Renewable energy pays for itself within a couple of years as you’ll no longer pay for energy bills. Some businesses are generating so much renewable energy that they are selling it back to energy suppliers!

Harness green products in the workplace where possible. For example, if you do still rely on paper, invest in recycled paper. Provide cleaning products free from harmful chemicals. Discourage the use of plastic cups and plates as they can’t be recycled.

Cut down on transportation. In the past, employees would travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles for a meeting. Eliminate this by encouraging conference calls and Skype meetings. There really is no need to fly halfway across the world for an hour’s meeting any more.

Follow these tips and you’ll cut costs in the workplace. Not only that but you’ll help preserve the environment and boost productivity. Going green really is the most efficient way of doing business. Of course, it takes a little motivation and money to get started. But, embrace the change and reap the rewards.