Monday 22 July 2024

Great Tips On Man and Van Hire

Great Tips On Man and Van Hire

Where you are need of a removal which will involve only a small number of items, it may be best to hire a van. There are so many man and van companies in London that it can be hard to choose, so here are a few ideas to help you make that choice.

1) Trawl the Internet

Most man and van companies in London will have a website on the internet. Go to individual websites to find out more about the company, whether they are established in their area and if there are any impartial views from customers who have used their services. After that, go on a comparison website to compare quotes of different companies and try to find out any additional information in order to make the right choice.

2) Stick to a Local Company

Always contact a local van hire company. Due to the amount of man and a van companies in London, local companies will have competitive prices. If you go outside the local area, it is inevitable that you will pay more.

Great Tips On Man and Van Hire

3) Get a Proper Quote

It is important to get a proper quote from a respected man and van company. Try to print out an online quote as it will avoid any misunderstandings regarding the price after the company have completed the move. If that isn’t possible and you have contacted the company by phone, ask for a written quote via email. Most companies will be happy to comply with this request.

4) Use a Genuine Company

There are so many man and a van companies it can be easy to be caught out by a company which is not legitimate. Try to find out whether the company has insurance and whether they are fully licenced. If you decide to use a company which is not a member of BAR (The British Association of Removers), be aware that you will not be able to go to BAR if something goes wrong with the move i.e. damage to items done by the company during the move and that you would probably have to take court action to get any form of compensation. Where possible, use a company which is a member of BAR.

5) Find Out Payment Options

Every company will have different policies in place regarding payment. Some will want payment as soon as the job is done and will only except cash, while others will take a cheque or debit card payment. Before the move, find out what the particular man and van hire company’s payment options are.

6) Any Other Charges

There are van hire companies that will add charges if you incur a parking fine or go over the time allotted to have a vehicle. Some will charge extra for fuel and mileage whereas other companies will not. Try to get answers regarding whether there will be any other charges regarding the move before the move takes place.

7) Find Out what the Man does

Some companies will designate a driver along with the van. What this man does varies from company to company. Some drivers will assist with the removal and will go to any part of the house which will be included in the initial quote. Other companies will charge extra for the man’s services. It is very important that you ask all these questions when you go to book the van. Find out exactly what the man does and do not assume that he will help with the removal of the items as it will differ from company to company.