Monday 15 April 2024

Guide To A Knee Replacement Surgery

Guide To A Knee Replacement Surgery

If you are a patient with end stage arthritis then knee surgery would be an attractive option for sure. This is to be undertaken where pain has reached an untoward level and all effective pain relief methods have failed to provide the desired results. This for sure is going to help you lead an active and a pain free life. Having said  so sometimes the cost associated with this surgery might prevent a patient from opting for this surgery.

Guide To A Knee Replacement Surgery

As far as the cost of knee surgery is concerned it depends on the hospital charges, the choice of implant and the fees of the surgeon. The location where you plan to get the surgery done also has a say in this regard.

The doctor may prescribe you to opt for a partial or a total replacement of the knees. This is a single and a double knee respectively. This is based on the condition of the patient along with the joint pain that is encountered. If it is a staged procedure, then surgery is being performed on both the knees and this is done at two months apart time frame. In such cases the patients would need to visit a hospital a couple of times and the rehab procedures need to be repeated twice as well. For this reason the expenditure associated with the surgery is going to increase.

As a patient it is necessary to understand about the pre-operative and post-operative costs as well. For most patients financial outlay is a point of consideration. Before you go under the knee it is important to have an estimate of the total costs expected. The top knee surgeons in India give a different perspective to this form of treatment but the costs also vary. Let us understand the reasons for the same.

Pre-operative costs

Like any other form of surgery precautions needs to be taken so that a degree of success is achieved. It is going to include blood test, physical examination, MRI scan along with X rays to name a few standard tests.

In certain situations not all tests may be mandatory. Based on the medical history of a patient some form of additional tests may be suggested.

Dental infections

Before the surgery dental evaluation is a must. This needs to be undertaken so that bacteria do not make their entry into the blood stream via the gums and tooth. When you avail such treatments in a dental clinic it is going to cost you less than opting for a hospital

Mediation before surgery

It is suggested that you would need to adjust your medicines before surgery. The surgeon is likely to prescribe new dose of drugs so that the surgery does go in a smooth manner.

Post-operative care

Once the surgery is over you would need to spend 4 to 5 days in the hospital. This is going to include services of a physiotherapist coupled with post-operative medicines.