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Guidelines To Land A Job And Progress Your Career In Telemarketing

Telemarketing, also known as telesales is a sales and marketing process over telephone calls to potential customers. Telemarketing can also include recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the phone via automatic dialing. It is a very common and widely used method for contacting potential customers. Telemarketing is adopted by companies who want to sell their product or service. People doing telemarketing jobs can work from their office and can even work from home.

How Does Telemarketing Works?

Here, potential customers are identified through several ways, which includes past purchase history, previous request for information, credit limit and more. Names can also be bought from another company’s database or obtained from a telephone directory or another public list. The qualification process is intended to determine which customers are most likely to purchase the product or service.

Are you looking out for a telemarketing job? For you, I have some tips which can help you to start your career and be successful in it.

Educational Requirement

You need to earn a bachelor’s degree from any stream to land a job as a telemarketer. Some companies hire people with 12th (HSC) pass certificate and with relevant work experience too.

Career Progression

To progress your career in telemarketing, all you need to earn is a minimum of bachelor’s degree and years of work experience. In future, you can climb the ladder and land a job position where you need to oversee the telemarketers and manage your team effectively.

In order to be the best from others and with an aim to progress your career, you need to develop some skills. Moreover, you need to also understand how your company functions and how you can develop the telemarketing process. Here are some ideas to be successful in your career, have a look:

Know What You Do

Before you start with your daily tasks, take some time out to know what are your sales target and other things which need to be done. If you have any doubts related to your work, feel free to ask your manager and clarify it. This will help you schedule your tasks and also will boost your productivity.

Try To Overachieve Target

As a telecaller, you will be having daily/weekly/ monthly targets set by your boss/managers. When the targets are overachieved you will be surely in the good books of the company’s management team. There are times when an employee achieves target they are more likely to relax and have some fun time. But, when you put in some extra efforts, let’s say you have overachieved the target by 5%, it is a very good thing. Your appraisal will be the time when you’ll find it worth putting those extra efforts.

Modify Your Sales Pitch According To The Client/Customer

You will be trained and given a standard sales pitch of your company before you actually start calling people. As you get an idea of which things are supposed to be in your sales pitch, try to create your own. Modify it according to the type of client/customer you are dealing with.  Ask your manager about your potential customers you’ll be calling. Knowing your prospects age, income, gender, or profession can help you to customize your pitch effectively.

So these were some guidelines to help you land and progress your career in telemarketing. Let’s us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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