Saturday 22 June 2024

GWC Valve International

GWC Valve International is a valve design and manufacturing company based out of Europe and the United States. Their sub-company, GWC SPA was founded by a group of American entrepreneurs and Italian engineers. Its success between the innovativeness of the engineers and ambition of the entrepreneurs has pushed it to be the parent company of all of GWC Valve International. The company has since developed one of the most prestigious extensive valve and flow control product lines in the world. They line of valves offers companies, manufacturers, buildings, and individuals with a wide variety of options for their valves. Depending on the case, the company even takes requested dimensions for a unique valve model. The company offers a variety of alloys, trims, sizes, configurations, pressure levels, and much much more. Among the many valves that GWC Valve International offers their clients, these are some of the most popular: trunnion mounted ball valves (split body, top entry, subsea, etc.), pipeline gate valves, check valves, and butterfly valves.

Having one of the most extensive valve lines in the country allows GWC to be ahead of the game, gain market share and have the majority of it, and makes marketing easier for them. It is a lot easy to perform any marketing strategy when your company has a value add that is marketable. GWC Valve International has a couple of aspects that are marketable such as their custom valve design services and having the most extensive line of products in the country and possibly in the world.

GWC Valve International is a leader in the industry of flow control products. The company is willing to design a valve from scratch to gain a client and build a long term relationship with them. It is what makes them the best: their customer service and their attention to detail. For more information about GWC’s extensive valve line, visit the link provided above.