Monday 15 July 2024

Have Buckets of Fun Recycling Paint Cans

Paint manufacturers produce hundreds – if not thousands – of cans of paint on a daily basis. And millions of people all over the world are painting right now. When they’re finished however, most of these people will likely toss their paint cans into the rubbish to be dropped onto a landfill somewhere. But there is so much you could be doing with your used paint cans to save you money – and the environment!

For the braai enthusiasts

Have you ever been to a braai and seen somebody burning the charcoal inside a little metal cylinder before tossing it into the braai? That metal contraption is generally known as a chimney, and you’ll be shocked by the prices they are going for in the shops. Rather just clean out your Paintcor cans very thoroughly, attach a wooden handle a safe distance from the can, and there you have your very own chimney. It won’t last as long, but at least it won’t cost you theextra moneythat buying one would.

Get Creative with lighting and display

If you are a lover of Paintcor’s products you will be able to keep using their paint cans to beautify your home as well. If you like having candles in your home, simply cut the lower section of a paint can to make a candle ‘dish’ of whatever depth you want. Then make it look nice with some wrapping paper or paint, and just like that you have a candle holder. If you make this holder deep enough you can even stick the base against your wall and put a candle inside it to create a spotlight-like effect.

What about the rest of the can, you ask? With the bigger paint cans especially you have loads of options, one of which is to make circular picture frames. Cut the rest of your Paintcor can into rings, print out some photos, and stick the photos onto one end of the ‘ring’ facing inward. Then you just hang it on the wall and you have a fun, round picture frame!

Keep things organised


So many things in the home become highly disorganised, very quickly. Paint manufacturers have provided you with a solution for this as well with the variety of paint can sizes that are available. Smaller paint cans can be a perfect place to store all your lose change, or even to store all the condiments you bring home with your takeaways but never use – this is great for those days when you run out run out of tomato sauce or salt. You can also use the bigger cans in your kitchen as a container to store your larger knives. And if you want to be fancy when your guests come over, serve some wine on ice in a paint bucket!

The possibilities are endless! So get in touch with the expert paint manufacturers at Paintcor and let their paints brighten up your home in a multitude of (unexpected) ways.