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Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using A Lightening Arrestor

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using A Lightening Arrestor

Lightening arrestors are the arrestors that are used in order to deal with the switching or the lightening related phenomena. There are a number of advantages of using the lightening arrestors.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using A Lightening Arrestor

Advantages of using the lightening arrestor

If you are interested to know in details about the lightening arrestor then you can certainly go through the advantages.  These arrestors help in improving the reliability of the system. They do this by decreasing the multi-circuit line outrage and also the multi-phase line outrage. They also help in controlling the over voltages that might be caused due to switching the voltages on the EHV lines that are there. They rely completely on the closing resistors as well as on the controlled closing schemes.

If you want you can get the lightening arrester from a reputed lightening arrester manufacturer and you can use it in all the different system voltages that are there. You can group these system voltages under different categories that include the type of housing, the problem in the line, the system voltage etc. The important thing that you have to remember here is the differences between the different LSAs that are present without the gaps. Both the EGLA as well as the NGLA arresters have different kind of features available but the important thing that you need to find out here is which arrester is appropriate for which option.

Things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the lightening arrestor

The rated voltage of the line arresters that are there are to be selected in a way so that both the switching as well as the lightening surge protective levels are coordinated in the right way. These arresters can actually range from the IEC classes from 1-5 and it depends on the various applications. There are times when the system studies are required in order to find out the requirements of the energy. Trying to determine the optimum line location is also very important.

These line arresters are totally gapless arresters that are made up of metal-oxide arresters. They also have polymeric housing and also have an external gap arrester design that has an MO. If you have a MO arrester then the body of the arrester can be either made up of polymeric housing or made up of porcelain.

Using heat shrink cable joints are also important

There are a number of advantages of using the heat shrink joints. These heat shrink joints can be installed quite easily. With these joints they can be energized quite easily. These joints are quite slim and have a very less weight. You can use a blow torch that has a soft flame and install these cable joints. If you do not do so then the heat shrink joints might get damaged at the time of installation.

There are a number of advantages of using lightening arresters and heat shrink cables. It is important that you use them properly. But make sure that you get them from the best and the most reputed manufacturers.