Friday 19 April 2024

Hints To Pick up and Dispose Dog’s Poop

Hints To Pick up and Dispose Dog’s Poop

If you have a pet dog then picking and disposing its poop is an important part of keeping the environment clean. The responsible pet owners must know how to pick and dispose the dog’s poop properly.

Mostly, the scooping and disposing work turns out to be messy and often we leave it in the open, which is a good breeding place for pollutant insects. Hence, there is dog waste station for parks designed to have a friendly environment.

Here are few common ways utilized by dog owners:

  • Plastic bags: Scooping the poop in plastic bags and throwing it in garbage bin is a common practice done by hundreds of pet owners daily. The only disadvantage is that the plastic bag doesn’t get easily decomposed and becomes a cause for soil pollution. Many individuals, who oppose the utilization of plastic bags, prefer to scoop by using used papers. The only disadvantage of using paper is that it can tear before you dispose the poop.
  • Pooper Scooper: It is available in most of the pet shops to collect the dog’s poop. You just have to press the handle and put in the scooped poop. The only minor issue is that you have to carry it everywhere.
  • Flushing: Hundreds of dog owners living in city flush out the poop collected. In few States it has been prohibited. It is proved to be the best way to dispose poop easily in a hygienic way. The problem arises when the collected excretory waste is likely to fall down before it reaches the toilet. The solution is you can buy flushable poop bags available in leading pet stores and from online market.
  • Indoor potty: It is best when you are unable to take your dog outside to do potty. City dwellers living in multi flat buildings prepare a separate area for their dog in home premises. You need to do regular sanitizing of the potty area.
  • Doggie corner: Dog owners have big yard or outer area to train their dogs in an unused place. You need to eliminate the odor and poop before it becomes messy or create any environmental issues.
  • Bury: This is the best way to dispose the poop as there is no chance of any occurrence of environment pollution.
  • Pick up tool: At present, there are tools available to pick up poop and dispose it at the preferred place. The tool needs to be charged and should be cleaned after use.
  • Freezing poop: With the help of device like sprays, you are able to freeze the dog’s poop to make it firm. This way, you can easily scoop it without any fear of it dropping. Quite helpful when your dog excretes loose stool and there is no fear of any smelly odor.
  • Compost bin or waste septic system: It is the best way to dispose the stool, if you have a separate area to design a compost pit or a septic tank. Dog compost bin is available in the pet stores, but it is not useful when you take your dog out. It is not advisable to add the poop in the compost bin meant for using the manure in gardens and fields.