Thursday 18 April 2024

Home Decor Pieces That Will Make Your Home Feel Like A Far Off Galaxy

Ever since the beginning of time, people looked up towards the sky to find answer and observe beauty wrapped in mystery and glitter. After, came a time when we tried to go to that glitter and eventually, to bring that glitter to us, through movies, home décor and even fashion. So, you probably realize by now that you do not have to live in the Star Wars universe for your home to look like a scene from a galaxy far, far away. You just need to wisely arrange some chosen pieces which will make your living space a true space oddity. Feeling lost in the vastness of universe yet? There is no reason to worry, we will help you with some tips on pieces to use to take your home to incredible heights. Ready? Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, liftoff!

Walls and Doors

Walls are always the easiest way to bring some changes into your home. Here, you have several options on how to bring in some freshness and touch of galaxy far away into the space. With some simple paint job, you can turn one wall in the room into a focal point, by painting it dark blue (you can even opt for glow-in-the-dark paint). To add some magical feel, you can add some wall lamp shaped as a star. You can also hang a painting with a space motif or put on some of the popular wall stickers or wallpapers on the ceiling or on the wall. A door which leads to unknown can be embellished with a moon or nebula door sticker.

Furniture and Accessories

Similar as with the walls, with furniture too you should opt for several colors which reflect perfectly the beauty of the space. The dominant one, of course, should be dark blue, while the accent ones can be golden, silver, grey, dark orange, etc. A glow in the dark canopy is, for instance, a great décor piece for your bedroom, while some couch covers with space motifs (nebula, moon, stars, milky way, etc.) is a nice touch for living room. Add some accessories such as moon wall clock, planetarium clock, constellation globe, space-themed tablecloth, etc.

Lighting and Windows

There is no galaxy without stars, right? So you have to let some light in if you are aiming for that kind of décor. First, you should worry about the star you already have – the sun. Let a lot of natural light in, and make it even more fun by adding galaxy-themed blinds. As for the artificial light sources, you should consider designer lighting, so that you could find the perfect look to complement your décor. Opt for planetarium lamps, constellation light fixtures, moon lamps, etc.

Curtains and Rugs

An affordable, yet efficient way to incorporate a galaxy far away sense into your home is with curtains and rugs. You can even start with your bathroom and use a nebula-themed shower curtain to get an out-of-the-world bathing experience. From there proceed to the windows curtains. Opaque blackout curtains with constellation and moon motifs would give your living room or bedroom a true sense of distant universe. Rugs can also be used as accent pieces and give you the feel that you have the whole universe underneath your feet. Depending on prevalent colors in your room, you can decide for grey moon-themed rug, dark orange/red Mars-themed rug or black/dark blue nebula-themed rug.

Just remember, when including these elements into your home, that you should not go overboard, unless if you want to forget completely that you live on planet Earth. It is better to be subtle and to give your home a magical, yet mysterious makeover, which will be your personal portal in the galaxy far, far away, where everything is possible.