Friday 12 April 2024

Hotel Atlantis and its Lavishing Exposure

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Dubai has unlimited places that throw an enchanting charisma over the visitors. The hotel Atlantis is one of the biggest hotels in the world. This is a man-made wonder that they have created a hotel over the water. The Palm Jumeirah beach is the mainland of hotel Atlantis. There are so many people who only want to visit the Hotel Atlantis because of the views and wonders it keeps. They have built a line of the artificial beach into the shape of a palm tree on the sea and then they built one of the biggest hotels in the World over it. This is pure magic. What lies inside and outside the hotel is unexplainable.

Underwater Sea Diving

You are no less than fortunate to visit Atlantis and then go for sea diving. This is a thrilling experience and it gives you a live view of marine life. This is one of the fantastic water adventures that you enjoy while living in the Hotel Atlantis. You can go fishing with professionals and then sea diving under brilliant supervision.

Imperial Club For Jumeirah Residents

There is an imperial club opening soon for all the residents in Palm which is a leading club in whole Dubai. Even the people living in Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent can avail the facility with a certain membership. Most important thing is that this club has all the exclusive facilities that you can imagine.

Atlantis Adventure

A widely spread adventure park of Atlantis mainly built to supply its residents an area of sports, water sports, Joy land, and many more. The problem is that you have to stay in the hotel for at least at the night to enjoy at the Atlantis Adventure.

The Views

From any window of any room of the Atlantis, you can enjoy the vast sea. The outside of the hotel is designed so beautifully that you cannot ignore the charm. Besides the views, the inside of the hotel and the road to it are also gorgeous to see.

The Dolphins Bay

This is something unique that you can experience here. The Dolphin Bay is a pool filled with dolphins. They are fully trained and harmless to anyone. You can swim with them and play with them. You can take pictures with them as well.

The Lost Chamber Aquarium

This is a marvelous place of live marine animals. You can go to a place like a tunnel and can wonder about the labyrinth of the Aquarium. This aquarium has more than 65,000 water species.