Sunday 03 March 2024

How Can I Change My Claim Solicitor?

Claim Solicitor

If you are unhappy with your current solicitor – perhaps they are advising you to settle for a nominal amount or you don’t get on with them – you can change your solicitor at any time, although there are some things to bear in mind.

How Can I Change My Claim Solicitor?

First of all, the most important issue when changing solicitor is who is going to pay the costs of your current solicitor. If your claim has been going on for some time, your solicitor’s costs will likely be in the thousands of pounds and if you aren’t working because of your injury, that kind of money is going to be very difficult to get a hold of. Under such circumstances, an agreement is usually made between your old solicitor and your new solicitor stipulating that they can reclaim their costs once the claim is settled. This is known as a binding promise and it is a good deal, because you won’t have to pay solicitor’s fees out of your own pocket.

And so, that’s how you change your claim solicitor without it hitting your finances. Solicitors in claims will be happy to work out such an arrangement, because it satisfies all parties – you get a solicitor you trust, and your old solicitor gets paid. Job done.

Before you go ahead and choose a new solicitor, however, it really does pay to do your research. You should be choosing a new solicitor based on their experience and success rate first and foremost. Experience doesn’t have to be time-based – it can be the amount of cases they have handled similar to your own. For instance, somebody who has practiced law for twenty years but has handled just two road traffic accident claims is not as good as somebody who has practiced law for two years but has handled 20 road traffic accidents; you want somebody who knows how to build a compelling case for compensation.

Another thing to consider is where they work. Do they work at a nationally recognised practice, or do they work for a start-up? It’s safe to say that most people would rather go with a solicitor who works for a reputable law firm. You should too and the bigger the law firm the better, because they will have plenty of solicitors who are qualified and experienced enough to work your case and get you the compensation that you deserve.

If you are struggling to find solicitors in claims, try using Google. This is a fantastic place to search for law practice reviews. Remember though – people are more inclined to leave a negative review online than a positive one, so always speak to the practice in question to get a true sense of what they are all about.