Tuesday 23 April 2024

How Can Rising Damp Be Spotted And Stopped?

Rising damp is something that will affect all types of homes, so you need to stay vigilant. This is a problem that can be managed with the help of a professional service. How can rising damp be spotted and stopped?

Rising Damp Comes Up From The Ground

Rising damp starts from the floor and rises up walls in a way that leaves a distinctive mark. You should regularly inspect the walls to make sure that this is not happening to any areas of your house. You can hire a company to carry out regular inspections and they will pay particular attention to the walls of the rooms on the ground floor.

They do this because water can rise up from the foundations and cause stains on the walls in the kitchen or the living room. Once the rising damp in Scotland has been identified, steps can be taken to make sure that it is removed completely and you can get back to enjoying your home the way that it should be.

How Can Rising Damp Be Spotted And Stopped?

Rising Damp Can Take The Form Of Condensation

Rising damp can also appear around the edges of windows in the form of condensation. This is going to be a problem if you live in an area which has a large amount of rain. The professionals will check the edges of the windows and identify whether condensation is occurring. They will then recommend that you have the windows completely replaced or the glass is reinforced. This will go a long way to making sure that the damp does not occur again in the future.

Rising Damp Leaves A Tidemark

Rising damp does not leave cascading marks down the wall very often. Instead, the rising damp will create a tidemark that creates a visible horizontal patch on the wall. Once this Tidemark has been identified, the necessary steps will be taken.

How Can Rising Damp Be Stopped?

There are several methods that can be used in order to remove the rising damp from the house completely. What are they?

Injection Creams

A special substance can be injected into cracks or crevices to make sure that rising damp cannot make its way up the interior walls of your house. These creams will treat the symptoms of the problem for a long time, but you might want to consider something more substantial if you are looking for the best solution.

Injection Mortar

Injection mortar is more robust than the creams that you can use. The injection mortar is designed to withstand a large amount of moisture without becoming flaked or eroded completely. This mortar will prevent rising damp from appearing and will make sure that the walls of your house remain intact for many years to come.

You can research lots of different injection creams and mortars before you make your final decision. Listen to the advice of the experts and then decide which rising damp prevention is going to be the best one for your house.