Monday 15 July 2024

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Have you ever wondered exactly how your internet service actually works? You know how to connect to your internet service provider, and have a basic understanding of electricity, but maybe you aren’t clear about exactly how your satellite internet service provider gives you the service you want.

How Does it Get Here?

One main component to learn is how the signal gets to your home and devices. Satellite internet service providers invest heavily in satellites that remain in the earth’s atmosphere. The internet signal is relayed from its origin at a broadcast center or hub to the satellite and from there to each home’s receiver dish. From the dish, it usually travels by wire to either a modem or to your devices directly with a LAN connection.

What About Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi, or wireless internet, can be a part of your satellite internet service. Homes that have multiple devices connected to the internet simultaneously often rely on Wi-Fi because the modem changes the satellite signal to wireless signal, so many devices can connect to the internet at once. It would be cumbersome to connect numerous LAN cables to the same system.

What Are the Benefits of a LAN Line?

There is still debate regarding whether a LAN connection is preferable in some circumstances. Some people feel the physical connection is more reliable than Wi-Fi. Some feel Wi-Fi is more flexible and just as secure as a LAN connection. Many people strike a compromise and only use the LAN for a dedicated desktop computer, while using Wi-Fi for laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices.

Is Dial Up Still a Thing?

Dial up internet used to be cutting edge technology, by which homes received internet signal through their physical home phone lines. This caused the line to be busy any time internet was being used. Today’s internet customers would be appalled at how slow the connection was, as well. Unless you live in a developing nation or a truly remote corner of wilderness, dial up is a thing of the past. Your satellite internet service provider offers far superior service at a very reasonable cost.

Which System is Most Reliable?

The reliability of satellite internet is unprecedented. When an interruption in service occurs, it is very frustrating because people and businesses rely on their internet service to accomplish their work; however, outages are usually very rare and short lived. There is no comparison between the unreliable, sketchy dial up service of the past, and the high-quality satellite internet service now available.

Enjoy the fast connections from yoursatellite internet service provider in your home and remember how far it traveled through space to reach you.