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How Earth Pins Make Difference to Electrical Plugs?

Earth pins are great inventions! Manufacturers of electrical plug pins India use earth pins for heavy load appliances to protect you against electric shock. When we use electric appliances having metallic bodies, we need protection against electric shock. In case there is any electricity leakage within the appliance, the metal body of the equipment becomes live and you may get a shock. To save you from such situation, manufacturers install three-pin plug in washing machines, microwave, and other appliances.

Earth pin made bigger- reasons for making bigger earth pin

The earth pin on the plug is bigger than the neutral and live pins. This ensures you will first connect the earth pin than other pins and disconnect at the last.

When putting the plug, the earth connection is made at first before the plug becomes live. When withdrawing the plug, the current carrying contacts get separate prior earth connection is broken. This is how earth wire connection enhances the safety.

Earth wiring is the process of connecting a reference point present in the electrical system to the earth to prevent electric shocks. Earth pin is used in the switch to pass the leakage current to the earth at zero potential.

Sometimes, manufacturers use plastic earth pin in few 3-pin plugs. Not all electrical appliances need earth connection for safety and protection. There are double insulated electrical appliances that can work with two connections – a line and a neutral. A double insulated appliance is intended by manufacturer that it doesn’t need an earth connection for safety.

In such cases, they achieve the protection against electric shock by using two layers of insulating material across live parts or by using reinforced insulation.

A double insulated appliance has a mark given below-

How Earth Pins Make Difference to Electrical Plugs?

There are wall sockets that use earth-pin operated shutters on the line and neutral lines to prevent children from inserting their fingers inside. Since double-insulated appliance doesn’t need an earth connection, plastic earth pin is molded within the plug to open the socket shutter easily. Your hair dryer may have such type of pin.

You can get such sockets from hardware and electrical shop. For more details on plugs and plug pins, you can reach at Electrical plug pins India suppliers and exporters today.

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