Sunday 23 June 2024

How Exactly To Buy Car Parts Without Getting Screwed?

Car owners who call dealerships tend to be stunned when they learn the price tag on replacement car parts.

A trim car parts that costs maybe $5 to make could bring a 5000% prime at the retail counter-top. Some parts are cost to the moon due to the fact many consumers have no idea any better. Only if they took enough time to look around.

So, i want to help you address this process such as a pro. Personally, i buy about $20,000 in parts yearly for my dealership, and after practically 15 many years of scouring the country for uncommon and expensive car parts, I’m pleased to reveal my secrets for you to get what I want at the cheapest possible price.


You will find two websites every car parts shopper should visit before buying. The first,, supplies the greatest database of used car parts on the planet. The second is eBay–perhaps you’ve heard about it–which is undoubtedly a new and remanufactured car parts sales juggernaut.

There are many steps to any successful search. Once you find the thing you need on, go for ‘Distance’ and then click ‘Search’ to see what its selling price is locally. Once you made notice of this, go to eBay. Do the same search, and form by ‘Charges + Shipping minimum’. Pay special focus on the estimated delivery amount of time in the list. Car parts from abroad can sometimes control a month to access your home.


Call the dealership to verify your unique car parts quantity before you complete any purchase. Unless you validate the car part amount, any grief that ensues is of your making.

You’ll learn that some car parts are unique to certain engine motor and transmission mixtures. And the set of potentially afflicted car parts is long, from personal computers, modules, and receptors, to more basic stuff like alternators and beginners.


It’s common courtesy for some junkyards to complement fewer prices for a car parts at another dealer in the same physical region. You will discover two important caveats to the, however.

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First, you have to compare apples with apples. Don’t expect a junkyard to price-match their 20,000-mile engine unit with one near by that has 200,000 mls on it.

Second, when you haggle, ensure you say you do your home work on, and become genuine with the dude on the other series. He has the same information as you do, in case you jerk him around, he’ll know and he might return the favour, as they say.


Craigslist isn’t always a good source. In real life of shopping for car parts, it can frequently become a major time-suck weighed against heading to a junkyard or buying online. Plus, almost all of what you get on Craigslist will be sold as is, as the other two options enable you to either exchange the part or get the money back. Because of this, I get less than two percent of my car parts from free classified sites.


Car parts stores are expensive. Nevertheless they need not be. This site can help you find online codes or company rebates that might not exactly pop-up when you go to the car parts store online.

I’ve sometimes found beginners and alternators which were within $20 associated with an eBay or a junkyard find, with the added benefits of a restricted lifetime warrantee and free delivery. If you ask me, that extra $20 will probably be worth the satisfaction.

Know that when a dealership is lets you know that buying a car parts from someone apart from them will void your car’s warrantee, it isn’t true. I buy batteries, essential fluids, and filters online from either car parts stores, eBay, Walmart, or Amazon . com. When you are just short of this ‘$50 from $125’ promotion code you acquired online, just then add items you understand you’ll use anyways, like filtration systems or coolant, to receive the order up where it requires to be.


Some parts for cross types vehicles, high-end models, and classics are unique. For example, I once needed a DC-DC converter for a 10-year-old Honda Civic Hybrid. The purchase price at the dealership was $1800, and neither eBay nor Car-Part shown it as available.

By heading to a near by junkyard that possessed the automobile in their inventory, I could locate this uncommon part for only $100. There is that specific modules for elderly or limited-run vehicles can create similar head pain. So if you are buying unusual, unique, and hard-to-find car parts, your very best wager is to trail it down personally.


If online hunting doesn’t arrive the car parts you will need, it is time to go to the self-service junkyards. Many hobbyists as time passes to kill provides their own tools, find the car part they want, take it off themselves, and pay a pittances for it. This is actually the cheapest option in us dollars and cents, but it can hit you up for time.


There were occasions when I’ve finally had the opportunity to discover a unusual part, but it appears to be as a long way away from me as Mercury is from Pluto. That is when I utilize fellow fanatics for help.

Online message boards for your make and model will often have members spread over the USA. By requesting assistance acquiring a component that isn’t local for you (and perhaps offering $50 for the difficulty), you can still get the thing you need and help you a like-minded grease monkey along the way.