Thursday 18 April 2024

How Giuliano Panza Established Himself as an Expert in Seismology

When you are passionate about a field, you spend years and years researching it. You stay up to date on trends and burn night oil reading various researches done by numerous scholars. If you have worked that hard on gaining all that knowledge in your field, then why not treat it as an investment and get your deserved return on it. The importance of being an expert in your field is that it opens up doors for you in the market place. Not only that, you will be given higher positions such as that of authority like being a speaker of the subject that will help further your business even more.

This is something that Giuliano Panza has down pat. An Italian Seismologist and Scholar based in Italy, he is well known for his expertise in the interior structure of the earth, earthquake prediction, and seismic microzonation of urban settlements, plate tectonics, elastic wave propagation, and volcanic seismology. He has pursued continuous scholarships in his subjects throughout his academic life. He has gone on to part take in several events and activities regarding what he loves. He was appointed the Honorary Professor of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and is also the member of the Advisory Committee of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Urban Design, he has been coordinating for CEI University network, seminars, and stages on Earth and Environmental Physics: Geodynamical Model of Central Europe for Safe Development of Ground Transportation Systems. He developed the advance procedure for reliable assessment of earthquake hazards known as Neo Deterministic Seismic Hazard Assessment, which is now widely used by many Seismologists.

So how did Giuliano Panza manage to achieve expert level status to the extent that listeners and readers of his work hang on to his every word?

Become an author

Panza has authored and co-authored more than 500 scientific papers along with editing, co-editing, and co-authoring around 12 books. When your brain is brimming to the edge with knowledge, then the best way to show it off is by authoring a book. You can start by authoring blogs and articles. Design your own blog platform and write daily, or take customer requests and write on those topics. That will show your versatility and the breadth of knowledge that you have in the field. The regular posting will give you enough content to write a book on, which you can sell to your fans who are already there because of the blog posts.


Speaking n seminars will allow you to reach out more to your audience. You can try hosting your own event and also try online platforms. It always helps instill people’s belief in your teachings when you speak. You can also share informational tidbits through video blogs and use different speaking styles to garner a higher number of audience. You can also introduce your own podcast where someone is interviewing you.