Sunday 14 April 2024

How New Business Owners Could Become Effective Marketers?

For many new business owner, the word marketing can be a source of great fear. They have no knowledge of how to sell properly nd there are different versions why people dread marketing issues. For many new business owners, marketing can be associated to those cunning used car salespeople, who may use tricks to lure gullible buyers. In many cases, marketing isn’t about one-time selling activities, but it’s more about establishing lomg-term relationships with loyal customers. Many people have an idea on how to properly set up good relationships with others. One of the most common way to maintain relationship with customers is by constantly sending online updates in social media and other online platforms. It is an inexpensive and easy way to remind people about our presence in the marketplace.

Online media is a perfect place to allow us share our updates, knowledge and opinions. In fact, blogs and social media accounts can be good platforms for creating a clearinghouse related to our industry. It is a place where people in the industry seek new updates and reports. Business owners with limited sales proficiency should still be able to release enough information online to attract people in the industry. A positive and informative online presence should help to increase our credibility, especially if we are able to represent ourselves in a professional and polished manner. Online platforms should also be able to allow us to make direct connections with potential buyers, especially through email, instant messaging and social media message feature. Constant communication should allow us to convince them about the quality of our products and services.

We should also consider performing free teleclass, which is easy to do. YouTube offers live streaming feature that allows to interact directly with participants in the comment box. It is a way to directly communicate with consumers. They would be able to trust our products and services by feeling our personality, seeing our faces and hearing our voices. They will also be able to see our expertise in action. It is a good way to establish trust with our customers quickly, If they trust us, it will be much easier to develop a long and lasting relationship. Free teleclass is a credibility booster, if we are able to deliver direct product demonstration and answer questions directly. Some business owners have problem with public speaking, so a teleclass session through YouTube is much easier to handle, because they only need to talk in front of the camera.

Blogs and social media accounts could become an online journal that are usable for a variety of business purposes. With blogs, instead of publishing short snippets of information, we could share comprehensive information and updates related to the industry. Our perspectives and thoughts can also be shared, so people would be able to know more about our products. Even for new business owners who lack marketing prowess, these steps should be suitable to show some personality to customers.