Friday 01 March 2024

How Synthetic Surfaces Are The Future Of Sport

Synthetic Surfaces

It is now a reality that most sports are now played on synthetic surfaces due to the vast number of advantages over that of the conventional sports area with normal grass. The beauty about synthetic surfaces is that any sport can be played on them and the surface can be adjusted to suit the game. No more twisting your ankle or doing your knee in because a lump of turf was sticking up and you didn’t see it. These artificial surfaces allow us to put the markings at any distance and that allows us to play tennis, football, basketball and hockey and if we want, we can have all four of these games happening at the same time and right beside each other.

Easy Maintenance

Putting down synthetic sports surfaces offers fantastic investment opportunities because the playing area is now available at any time. Unlike conventional grass surfaces, the synthetic surface doesn’t need time to recover from the last game. If there is lots of sliding, twisting and turning then it’s very likely that your old grass surface has holes everywhere and a lot of your grass has been driven into the ground never to appear again. You then have to put down seed and wait months for it to grow back, all the while having to water it and tend to it almost on a daily basis. There is none of this nonsense with a synthetic sports surface. Just give it a brush occasionally and you are all set to rent out the area again and again.

Safe To Use

When holding tournaments, it is possible to hold simultaneous games altogether and all at the same time on a synthetic sports surface. All is needed is one large area and you just mark out the individual courts for tennis or pitches for football. The synthetic sports surface allows repeated games over and over and its efficiency, is in no doubt. The infill of the surface protects all players of the game because it has a greater shock absorbency which greatly reduces scrapes and strains. A normal grass field can maybe provide one hundred hours of use before you have to stop. Synthetic sports surfaces offer five times this amount of activity and more.


Once your synthetic sports area is installed, then it is immediately ready to use. When the seasons change, your synthetic sports surface doesn’t. On a standard grass pitch some areas get more abuse than others, and after a while you have these patchy areas all over the playing surface. The grass must be cut to the correct length and needs to be sprayed with pesticides to keep the bugs away. None of this is needed when you install a synthetic sports surface. You need to put lots of water on a standard grass surface and this takes a lot of water and a lot of time. Synthetic sports surfaces don’t need water and it certainly doesn’t need to be cut. Choosing a synthetic surface is thus deemed as eco-friendly and you are doing your bit to protect the Earth and Mother Nature.

Installing a synthetic sports surface is definitely the way to go and it is a fantastic investment. No cutting, no planting and definitely no spraying. There are massive advantages to installing this type of surface, so look into it today.