Sunday 14 April 2024

How To Ace Your Tuxedo Look For A Wedding With Bow Ties?


When it comes to dressing for an evening function or occasion, a tuxedo is a hands down choice for most men. This is mainly because a well-stitched tuxedo instantly accentuates the appearance of man and makes him look suave and classy. This post will help provide you with some interesting insights on how you can make your tuxedo look all the more classy. Let us see how.

A tuxedo is one of the very few outfits, which when worn, make a very powerful style statement and tend to make you stand apart from the crowd. However, style or fashion is something which is not stagnant and evolves every day. Every day you see a new fashion trend being introduced in the market and replacing the existing fashion trends. One such trend in case of tuxedos has been the introduction of bow ties. Bow ties for men also have been subject to various changes. Let us now see the different form of bow ties and how these help in making a powerful yet classy style statement.

Animal Print Ties


Comes in the stylish polyester material, the leopard print bow tie is for those who want to make a long lasting style statement. Just team it up with up with a simple shirt and trouser and see the bow tie add this extra zing to your whole look. Try it if you don’t believe us!

Open Bow Ties

Another accessory which can accentuate and make your wedding tuxedo all the more different and unique are the open bow ties. These open bow ties are simple yet classy and is for all those men who want to make a style statement. What makes these open bow ties stand apart from the rest is that these types of ties need to be manually tied which all the more adds to the beauty and charm of your tuxedo. Just pair these stains finish open ties with a plain shirt and trouser, and you will make a style statement of your own.


Animal Print Open Bow Ties

Animal prints in whatever form and manner are sure to make a unique statement. And just imagine when the classic animal prints come in combination with an open bow tie, all you can expect is to give oodles of charm and make your outfit truly stand apart from the rest. So for all those people who want to give their wedding look that extra style, you can think of adding an animal print styled bow tie on your tuxedo.

Unique bows

These are the latest additions to the world of bow ties. These types of ties come in a variety of different colors and patterns and which when worn on your tuxedo will make your outfit look funky yet stylish. So for all the would-be grooms who want to have a mix of both traditional tuxedo with a modern and chic style, can opt for these bow ties.

Bouquet bows

Bold, suave yet classy, are the three words which perfectly describe the bouquet style of bow ties. These come in a variety of different colours and sizes of floral designs. You can pick the one which you like the best.

Black beauty bows

Last but certainly not the least comes the black beauty bows which are for those grooms who have already dreamt of having a royal and lavish type of wedding. These come in attractive colours with a black border surrounding and with gold shades which make up at the two end corners of the ties. Simple yet stylish!

These are all the different styles of bow ties for men. So you can pick up whichever you like the best, but be rest assured that whichever one you choose is going to make all eyes glued to you! So go ahead and celebrate the biggest occasion of your life with these unique bow ties.